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Jeff Bezos Says National Enquirer Tried To 'Blackmail' Him Over Photos
Article By: The Fly
Thursday, February 7, 2019 8:48 PM EST
Not only was he threatened, but the Enquirer's parent put the threats in writing. Their asking price? That WaPo would drop investigating its links to Saudi Arabia.
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Market Shows Resilience
Article By: Gavin McMaster
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 5:19 AM EST
The market is holding up well despite some negative earnings numbers from some key stocks. The bears have had plenty of chances to push the market lower, but haven’t been able to do it.
In this article: IVZ, AMZN, SPX, VIX
This Is Why Stocks May Rally The Week Of Feb. 4
Article By: Michael J. Kramer
Monday, February 4, 2019 8:43 AM EST
The S&P 500 still appears to have a bit further to rise and has a reasonable chance to get to around 2,800 in the coming days.
In this article: IWM, AMZN, NFLX, SQ, BB, ACAD, TSLA, GE, SPY
Amazon Hauling Cargo In Self-Driving Trucks Developed By Embark
Article By: Mish Shedlock
Sunday, February 3, 2019 10:58 PM EST
Amazon has been spotted using self-driving trucks made by Embark on the I-10. The technology is advancing rapidly and shortly after these technologies are approved, most interstate truck traffic will be driverless.
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Microsoft Versus Amazon: What Acquisitions Could Move The Needle?
Article By: Sramana Mitra
Friday, February 1, 2019 11:45 AM EST
Despite the growing clientele, Microsoft is still quite a distance behind Amazon’s leadership. According to a Synergy Research Group report, AWS remains the leader of the public cloud infrastructure space with 34% market share.
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Walmart is Not the Perfect Stock. So What?
Alpha Stockman 2/26/2018 4:40:00 PM

#Walmart's acquisition of #Jet was supposed to position the company as a viable competitor to #Amazon. But I've yet to see any technical innovation as a result. Can we still expect to see any benefits? Or was it just a waste of money? $WMT $AMZN

Bear of the Day: Pandora Media (P)
Alexa Graham 2/26/2018 4:12:45 PM

I like #Pandora, but don't see how they can compete against the giants like #Apple, #Amazon, and #Google, $AAPL, $AMZN, $GOOGL

Are We Headed For A Longer Stock Market Crash?
Frank Underwood 2/16/2018 12:39:44 PM

Are you short $AMZN?

Will Amazon Face Regulatory Measures?
Bindi Dhaduk 2/6/2018 3:23:14 PM

#Amazon is truly unstoppable and getting into anything and everything! $AMZN

Amazon Shares Pierce $1,430 And Sit Firmly Above 3x 2018 Forecasted Revenue
David J. Tanner 2/5/2018 12:32:27 AM

You hit the nail on the head with this one. $AMZN

Komodo OpenLab: The Startup Giving Independence To The Disabled
Craig Newman 1/30/2018 1:26:14 AM

Sounds like an interesting product. But can you elaborate on how this differentiates from the advancements in voice recognition that companies like #Google, #Amazon and #Apple are making? Hard to see how you can compete with them. $GOOGL $AMZN $AAPL

Looking For The Next Amazon In The Technology Industry
Dean Gilmore 1/25/2018 3:22:37 AM

I certainly wish I had purchased $AMZN back when it was only $5 a share!

Roku, Next Big Tech Flop Or Opportunity?
Ayelet Wolf 1/18/2018 11:36:31 AM

Why is #Roku any better than #Google's Chromecast or #Amazon Fire TV Stick? I've never used Roku but the I have the other two. The Fire TV Stick was far superior in my opinion, with it's dedicated voice remote. Especially if you are deeply integrated into the Amazon Echo system.

But more recently Google seems to be winning out by having it's technology already integrated into far more TV sets. Why do you think Roku will win out in the end?


What Makes Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google So Special
Barry Hochhauser 1/16/2018 2:29:29 PM

There is something magical about #Apple, #Amazon, #Facebook and #Google. Did the author provide any insight into any other companies? $AAPL $AMZN $FB $GOOGL

What Makes Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google So Special
Ayelet Wolf 1/16/2018 12:58:13 PM

Sounds like an interesting read. But it doesn't sound like it answers the deeper questions. For example, I agree that #Apple creates a form of lust in it's loyal customers, to, as you said, "driving them to pay irrational prices when there are essentially identical products available from competitors at far lower prices." But HOW has Apple achieved this? Yes, #Amazon has built itself up from an upstart book seller, to essentially being able to provide for every aspect of our lives. but HOW did they manage to achieve this? Every other book seller is now either still just selling books, or out of business all together. $AAPL $AMZN $FB $GOOGL

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