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Industrial Metals Well Placed For The Long Term
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 4:10 AM EDT
Industrial metals are the building blocks of an economy. Even though global concerns have added an element of uncertainty to the outlook, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the industrial metals industry over the long term.
In this article: VALE, KIROY, FSUGY, FCUUF, FCAU Also: LMT, GM, F, BA, ARNCX
EC Iron Ore Producers’ Descent Into Madness
Article By: Wall Street Daily
Thursday, April 9, 2015 2:24 PM EDT
In the past two years, the top four miners have added 234 mmt of iron to global supply. Vale estimates that, by 2020, these miners will have added another 196 mmt.
In this article: VALE, RIO, BHP, FSUGY
"Bulletproof" Fortescue Pulls $2.5 Billion Offering Amid Slumping Iron Ore Prices
Article By: Tyler Durden
Thursday, March 19, 2015 3:44 AM EDT
Fortescue Metals Group, the fourth largest miner of a commodity that’s collapsed some 50% over the past year, had the novel idea to tap the frothy high yield market for cash in order to refinance more than $2 billion in debt maturing over the next four years.
In this article: FSUGY
China Reaches Peak Steel
Article By: Wall Street Daily
Friday, February 27, 2015 3:42 AM EDT
Commodities investors have heard the terms “peak oil” and even “peak gold.”
In this article: VALE, RIO, BHP, FSUGY
China's Iron Ore Inventories Post Biggest Decline In Two Years; Yuan Observation; Pro-Cyclical Stupidity
Article By: Mish Shedlock
Monday, January 12, 2015 10:19 PM EDT
At the start of the year optimism in the iron ore sector was beginning to grow as the commodity staged a recovery of almost 10% from its December trough, but once again fears of a dead cat bounce are surfacing.
In this article: RIO, BHP, FSUGY, BIRNF

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