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Financial Accountant

Love discussing trade ideas with others with similar interests.  Particularly inteterested in pharmaceuticals, gold and other precious metals.


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Michele Grant Commented on Is Goldman Sachs Too Pessimistic In Forecasting A 10% Gold Price Hike?:

I'll never understand how so many people got caught up in the #crpyto craze rather than the proven safety and staying power of #gold.

Michele Grant Commented on Stem Holdings: Getting In On Marijuana's Ground Floor:

I agree. The future of #crypto is still very uncertain in my book. It's too difficult to know which if any coin will dominate in the future, especially with the lack of regulation. But the general trend...

Michele Grant Commented on Everyone Hates Bitcoin, I Hate Bitcoin, So I Bought Some:

The problem with #bitcoin and other #cryptos is that without regulation, safeguards and oversight, it will never succeed. And yet the lack thereof is precisely why so many people are attracted to it.

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