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School Name: Columbia College
Degree: Associate of Arts
Time Period: 1968 / 1978
Fields of study: Sociology and Psychology. I later attended East Central University in Oklahoma, where I further studied Sociology. I never finished that degree, was within 20 College Hours of finishing, but life circumstances lead me on a different journey. Later I got my LPN license, only worked about a year as a Nurse, when I joined with my Mother to run the Family Business a Best Western Motor Lodge, Restaurant, Bar, a Skilled Nursing Home. We sold our properties I am currently a Hospice CC Nurse

Work Experience

Title: Managing Partner
Company: 4 Sands Best Western
Time Period: August 1989 - Present (32 years 3 months)

I am currently working as a Hospice CC Nurse, where I discovered Staffing Agency's. I have done this for almost 3 years. I am in the process of setting up my own agency. I am being trained by Dee Williams, CEO of Staffingpreneurs Academy,and she own's and runs several other business's. She is helping me and countless other's find our way into the Staffing World.I will update my progress as I reach my goal.


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