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Long Thesis For Allergan
Quintessential Capital's Gabriel Grego recently shared a rare long call for Allergan. This is interesting not only because AGN was once a hot short position due to Bill Ackman, but also because Grego is known for his shorts.
Why Tesla Probably Won’t Allow SolarCity’s November Notes To Default
Despite Tesla's cash flow problems, its stock and even debt have been in popular demand, although both are declining this year. Eyes are now on the Convertible Senior Notes issued by its subsidiary SolarCity before its acquisition.
‘Negative Partisanship’ Model Predicts Trump Defeat In 2020
Sixteen months before the 2020 presidential election, the American electorate is already locked into hyper-polarized and motivated factions that spell defeat for President Trump, according to an election forecast.
As Markets Crash Hedge Funds Buy The Dip
Stocks drooped last week and continued to fall this week, based on major indices. Hedge funds bought the dip last week while corporates also took advantage of their lower stock prices.
We Should Be Cheering The Volume Of IPOs We Have Now
Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussed a more nuanced view of IPOs; comments on DOMO, TEAM, ESTC, PD, UPWK, FVRR, and SVMK; 103-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins wins the 100-meter dash… and dispenses worldly wisdom.
Caterpillar Is Undervalued And Overlooked At Present
Finding a great business which is also a great stock can be a challenge, but at present I am convinced that Caterpillar Inc. (CAT​) is both. Here is why...


C Citigroup Inc.
CAR Avis Budget Group Inc.
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc.
DDD 3D Systems Corporation
F Ford Motor Company
FB Facebook Inc
FCEL FuelCell Energy Inc.
FDO Family Dollar Stores Inc.
FMCC Freddie Mac
FNMA Fannie Mae
FSLR First Solar, Inc.
GAA Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETF
GLRE Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd.
GLUU Glu Mobile Inc.
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
TESO Tesco Corporation
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Newly-Discovered Crater On Mars Is Mesmerizing To See
It seems that our neighboring planet Mars recently got smacked by an asteroid or some other space rock, causing a fresh crater on its surface. It is a beautiful sight to behold as caught by the spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet.
Seeking Alpha In Bitcoin Or Ethereum? Try Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds
Cryptocurrency hedge funds are still a fairly new investment vehicle, but we’re already getting a pretty good idea of how they stack up against simple passive investments in two common underlying currencies.
Warren Buffett’s 10 Principles And Rules For Investing
Warren Buffett is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time. He is called the Oracle of Omaha the siege of Nebraska and from a young age he knew he would be rich. His prophecy came true and today he’s worth about 80 billion dollars.
Fortnite On Nintendo Switch Coming Soon, According To Leaked E3 Image
As one of the fastest growing games on the market, many have been asking for a port of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. A recent leak ahead of E3 suggests that that might just happen after all.
A Simple Explanation Of Neo CryptoCurrency In Under Ten Minutes
NEO Cryptocurrency platform offers a stable and secure blockchain for independent projects to utilize for their own purposes, be it data transfers, smart contracts, digitizing of assets, or creating their own altcoins for start-up ICO funds.
Peter Lynch Top 5 Keys
5 Principles of Successful Investing By Peter Lynch
Tesla Stock Short Thesis – Many New Catalysts
We remain short shares of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), which I consider to be the biggest single stock bubble in this whole bubble market—a company so landmine-filled that I think it can implode at any moment regardless of what the broad market does.
Gold And Lumber Surge
As if you need more proof that inflation is finally starting to pick up, lumber prices rose to a 12-year high this week, supported mainly by expectations that steep duties will soon be levied on cheap softwood imports from Canada.

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