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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Netflix Selling Another $2 Billion In Junk Bonds To Fund War With Disney
Exactly six months after Netflix sold $2 billion in junk bonds, just as the market was starting its Q4 turmoil, the company announced it was selling another $2 billion in high yield debt in what has become a bi-quarterly tradition.
FAA Approves Google's Drone Delivery Business
Google parent Alphabet just beat Amazon to the punch in an incredibly important business: Drone deliveries.
Twitter Soars After Revenue Beat Despite Losing 6 Million Users In Last Year
After several quarters of declining usage, Twitter surprised Wall Street with a solid quarter - mostly in non-GAAP terms - reporting revenue and EPS that beat expectations as well as user numbers that surprised to the upside.
By One Metric, Earnings Season Is Shaping Up To Be A Disaster
Guidance instances so far have been very disappointing: indeed, the handful of guidance instances from companies reporting so far have largely been split between in-line with or below-consensus.
US Futures Slide, Chinese Stocks Tumble After Beijing Threatens To Pull The Kool-Aid
China's weakness quickly spread across the globe, and S&P futures dropped on Monday amid very subdued trading.
Oil Surges As Washington Prepares To End Iranian Crude-Export Waivers
Unsurprisingly, crude futures for May delivery climbed as much as 74 cents to $64.74/bbl in New York on the news the US would end the practice of allowing certain countries to import Iranian oil without facing sanctions.
Boeing's Nightmare Continues: Dreamliner Workers Warn Of Defective Manufacturing, Dangerous Quality Lapses
Just as it looked like the fallout from the Boeing 737 MAX crashes was finally fading into the background, the New York Times is raising new questions about an entirely different Boeing plane, the Dreamliner 787.
Toxic Arsenic Found In Major Bottled Water Brands
Consumer Reports is warning the public that 11 brands of bottled water had detectable levels of highly toxic arsenic, a serious health risk.
Lyft IPO To Set Record... For Fastest Shareholder Lawsuit Ever
Lyft's IPO has been a disaster for nearly any open market participants that have wound up buying the stock. But the IPO did come close to setting one record: how quickly the company was hit with investor lawsuits after plunging.
"A River Of Blood": Pompeo Says "Several Americans" Killed In Sri Lanka Easter Bombing Massacre
All major social media networks were reported blocked in the country shortly after the series of eight bomb attacks on churches and luxury hotels - mostly in Colombo - making information slow to come out. Americans among those killed.
"Tariff Hangover:" Trucking Slump Hits Orders, Miles Decline In Latest Fears Of Downturn
Reuters spoke with dozens of drivers, regional operators and industry officials across the U.S. to assess the performance of the U.S. trucking sector. They discovered an industry that slumped in late 2018, with accelerating deterioration into April.
"Good News Will Soon Be Bad News": Why BofA Is Turning Bearish In Q3
It just won't end: nearly four months after the Christmas Eve massacre which saw the S&P briefly dip into a bear market, professional investors just refuse to buy it... literally.
China's "JPMorgan" Hit By Sudden Debt Crisis As Cross-Default Chain Reaction Triggered
The company in question, China Minsheng Investment Group, also dubbed "China's JPMorgan" is one of the largest private investment conglomerates in China, and had 232 billion yuan in total debt and 310 billion yuan of assets as of June 2018.
Housing Starts Collapse Continues - Worst Annual Drop Since 2011
Housing Starts fell 0.3% MoM (against expectations of a 5.4% rebound) and to make matters worse, February's 8.7% plunge was revised down to a shocking 12% collapse.
Algos Buy The Wrong ZOOM, Send Stock With No Operations 130% Higher
In their frenzy to bid up something which others would surely also buy (and they did), algos and other clueless carbon-based traders bought... the wrong company.
Tobacco Stocks Slump As McConnell Calls For Raising Minimum Age To 21
Shares of Altria and Philip Morris slumped on the news and the broader S&P 500 Tobacco sector declined.
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