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Tom Hutchinson is the Chief Analyst of Cabot Dividend Investor. He is a Wall Street veteran with extensive experience in multiple areas of investing and finance.

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Chevron And Bank Of America: The 2 Best Out-Of-Favor Stocks
Energy and financials have been the worst-performing sectors during this pandemic. But these two out-of-favor stocks are worth buying.
Bank On These 2 Safe Healthcare Stocks In Crazy Times
Amid a global health crisis and a very uncertain market, safe healthcare stocks should be part of your portfolio.
2 Cheap Technology Stocks To Buy Now
The tech sector has been propping up this market of late. But cheap tech stocks still abound. Here are two with plenty of staying power.
Broad Market Strength Bodes Well
Mike Cintolo dives into the market’s sharp rotation of the past two weeks — the good news is that broad market strength bodes very well for the months ahead for the overall market, but strong growth stocks have hit some potholes.
The 2 Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks In A Decade
This crazy coronavirus market has created high-yield opportunities the likes of which have not been out there since the financial crisis.
Why Is The Stock Market Rallying While The Economy Is Crashing?
The economy is in free fall and nearly 40 million are unemployed. So why is the stock market rallying? It’s complicated.
Target Great Stocks At Bargain Prices In The Next Downturn
This crazy pandemic market and economy is unprecedented. While the stock market has had a huge recovery from the lows, there is a good chance of another downward move. Now is a great time to target great stocks at bargain prices.
2 High-Yield Stocks For The Next Phase Of The Market
It’s time to start looking toward a post-coronavirus market and economy. And these two high-yield stocks are well-positioned for the coming recovery.
The 3 Best Safe Investments For Uncertain Times
Preferred stocks, consumer staples, and utilities are the best safe investments when the market is looking rocky.
The One Thing You Need To Know About Bear Markets
We are officially in a bear market. But is it different this time?
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