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I'm the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley, an independent investment research service. My primary role is editor of The Dividend Hunter, an investment advisory delivering research on income investments with double digit growth in share ... more

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This Formerly Private Lender Just Went Public To Pay You A 10% Yield
A high current yield and monthly dividends are two hot buttons for income focused investors.
Pay Your Holiday Bills With These Monthly Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Soon
The general practice among dividend paying U.S. corporations is to declare and pay dividends quarterly, or four times a year. This contrasts with how we pay our bills and expenses.
Avoid These Turkeys In Your Stock Portfolio
Turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving fare, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to sit down to a full-spread Turkey dinner on the holiday. However, what we don’t want is turkeys in our stock portfolio.
A Steady 7% From 3 Stocks For Investors Who Don’t Want Drama
Stock market drama usually leads to share price volatility, which is something that makes dividend investors uncomfortable.
Fake News Means These High-Yield Stocks Just Got Cheaper
The financial news media has been pushing the retail apocalypse belief for the last several years. It comes from the closing of numerous North American brick-and-mortar retail stores.
One Way For High-Yield Energy Midstream Stocks To Boost Share Prices
The midstream energy sector has been a scary place for investors. Despite high dividend yields, it seems that no kind of news will stop the relentless slide in share prices.
With The Short Seller Squeeze In Energy These High Yields Are Getting Attention
Energy infrastructure stock prices are under attack. Institutional investors are bailing, individual investors are running scared.
This Rising Dividend Stock Just Popped 63% On A Buyout Offer
There are investment funds and companies in the world that understand the current nature of the stock market and can give a better probability of paying off in the long run.
These 5 REITs Are Expected To Raise Dividends In December
Here are five companies that historically announce higher dividends in December and should do so again this year. Investors will start earning higher payouts in the new year.
3 High-Yield Buyout Candidates To Pad Your Portfolio
Despite solid earnings reports, and growing cash flow coverage of dividends, share prices of 3 high-yield buyout candidates remain low and fall even farther on any piece of perceived negative news.
Get A Raise Every Quarter With These 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks
Before the energy sector bear market that started in late 2014, which still lingers in the minds of investors, most energy midstream companies increased their dividends every single quarter.
Three High-Yield Investments To Sell Now
Investors are drawn to closed end funds (CEFs) because many have double-digit yields, and most pay monthly dividends. Unfortunately CEFs usually have more negatives than positives when evaluating potential.
These Stocks Give You Twice The Yield Of The Dividend Aristocrats
Across major stock market indexes, between 30% and 95% of the long-term total return from stocks can be attributed to dividend income and reinvested dividends.
Three Recession Proof Income Stocks
The prediction drums of the financial news media continue to grow louder with predictions of the next economic recession and a possible stock bear market.
Is It Time To Jump On The High-Yield, Hated Mall REITs?
The share prices of mall REITs will find a bottom, and as the mall owners react to changing times, they will be again able to grow free cash flow. The challenge is timing the bottom.
Here’s Why Your Index Funds And Bonds Won’t Keep Up Over The Next Decade
Investors who believe the stock and bond bull markets of the previous 10 years will continue into the next decade may be deluding themselves.
1 to 16 of 181 Posts
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