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Deconstructing the Crypto Genius

Date: Monday, November 26, 2018 12:28 AM EDT

Ah, yes, Cornell. The very epicenter of technological innovation. And all this time, I thought their most notable major was in Hotel Management.

I must have missed that. From what I read, you got some boring-ass job in the IT department at HBO.

Nobody knew how to build websites in the late 1990s? Wow, James, you really WERE something special. And as far as seeing the collapse “a mile away”, what about all that stuff you’ve written about how you completely blew your fortune (twice) after you sold your businesses? Where’s the truth?

I’d say those “major media analysts” were right. That is, if you consider the 90%, 95%, or 99% drops in cryptos to be an kind of indication as to what a shitshow the entire thing has become. Bitcoin is the “blue chip”, having collapsed a mere 78%.

Whatever the HECK you want! Isn’t that cute? So while he’s spending all this time slathering his soul with dreams of cash and assets, he tries to wash away the distasteful avarice by suggesting these hypothetical riches would be used to “help out friends and family members” or send your grandkids to Ivy League colleges which, by the way, Cornell technically is, although it’s considered a bit of a joke among the likes of Harvard and Princeton.

In fact, now’s a good time for a riddle: what do Harvard and Cornell students both have in common? (pause) They both got into Cornell!


There are surely some poor bastards who bought the above come-on hook, line, and sinker. And I say again, maybe every blessed one of them made a huge fortune thanks to Jim the Computer Wizard (and Silicon Valley Insider) who generously shared his incredible discovery with them.

A glance at the Better Business Bureau, however, suggests that at least not every single customer is thrilled with their purchase.

And they’re not alone, if you look at the Ripoff Report.

By the way, reflecting on his declaration that he saw the collapse in 2000 coming from “miles away”, here’s a tidbit from an interview he did:

Lost a million a week until it went to zero. Ohhhhh-kay.

But most of the dumb sumbitches reading his advertisement probably don’t know the full backstory. Let’s read more from the sanitized version:

Ya know, if you tried to convince people they could make 50% in a year on an investment, that would be quite a push. But $500 to $97 million in a matter of months? You must really be looking for delusional psychopaths with a claim like that.

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