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Deconstructing the Crypto Genius

Date: Monday, November 26, 2018 12:28 AM EDT


Did he now? That’s pretty amazing. Did he actually do this himself? Is there proof? Or is this just simple arithmetic done after the fact showing would COULD have taken place, with perfect hindsight? Just curious.

OK, now we get to the part that sends me right up a tree……….

OK, Computer Wizard, this isn’t a “line” of code. It’s a snippet from what appears to be a homepage, and one which appears to have little or nothing to do with some kind of amazing insight into the nature of a particular crypto. Indeed, when I posted the above on ZeroHedge, a number of readers with stronger computer backgrounds than mine described in detail what the code did, which is really little more than some housekeeping functions and not a valuable financial backdoor.

Let’s see what Mr. Computer Wizard has to say, though:

Again, the “line of code”. Look, I’ve been deeply involved with microcomputers (yeah, I’m so old, that’s what I call them) since 1979, and I have written dozens of books about them. But I’m not going to pretend I know about the “code” behind crypto. However, I honestly don’t think that whatever constitutes a coin is written with simple HTML code that anyone can just glance at. Simply stated, I think he’s just showing these random pieces of code hoping that enough people will be dazzled (and stupid) enough to assume that Mr. Computer Wizard has yielded some kind of amazing insight.

And so, he draws this conclusion (after the fact):

Yes it did. An “exceptional” amount indeed. The updated chart is below, courtesy of SlopeCharts.com – and I’ve marked with an arrow the point where the graph above conveniently ended. I’d say the loss was just as “exceptional”.

James continues………..

OK, so let me get this straight. I really want to understand. You claim to have discovered an easy way to make ungodly amounts of profit, and the way you decide to profit from it is…………to TELL people about it? Sounds like a dumbsh*t move to me. But let’s read on.

A “rare” gain indeed. He sure uses some odd adjectives when it comes to the money he seems to love so much while simultaneously leading such an enlightened and spiritual life. James wants to tell us more about himself, though, which appears to be a favorite topic:

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