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15 days ago
Meanwhile CL were testing a previous week's VAH level.
15 days ago
Resistance at the mentioned LVA (low volume area) between the distributions on ES this week, Were confluent with a…
16 days ago
Update on CL. With the divergence we got one more nice sign yesterday. Moved rapidly to a weekly VWAP close level.
17 days ago
Happy New Year to you all! CL still in value form the previous week. Tested VAL and the current volume profile see…
19 days ago
CL opened inside of previous week's volume value and found resistance at the upper distribution with a swing failur…
19 days ago
Gold above Yearly VWAP and broke above inside day. Weekly volume profile p-shaped. Currently with hourly smaller sw…
21 days ago
SteveMD7 Thank you very much! Appreciate it!
21 days ago
CL below yearly value with double inside day. Above/Below H/L areas of interest. Found resistance at weekly DVAH a…
22 days ago
Hope you had all a great Christmas! Some observations on ES: Suppotive VAL (Yearly). VAH (Yearly), weekly VAH and V…
29 days ago
Market Observations On The E-Mini S&P 500 $SPX