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E Tuesday Talk: Let Us Eat Chocolate
With the rise in economic activity the global supply chain is slowly returning to "normal" in fits and starts. Some commodities are in short supply while inventories of others are flush. Some of this is due to weather and some to shipping.
E Tuesday Talk: How're You Doing Neighbor, Eh?
The Canadian economy is starting to get into post-pandemic gear. Consumer prices have been rising and people have been returning to work. The government hopes the increased pace of vaccinations will halt the effects of the third COVID-19 wave.
E Tuesday Talk: Of Rice And Rain
Rain will be welcome to grain crops from the Great Plains to the Canadian prairie to Northern Brazil. On the other hand the "raindrops" felt in the stock market yesterday may be less welcome to many investors.
E Tuesday Talk: Full Steam Ahead
March left quietly, saving the fanfare and roar for April. Markets are at new highs with the S&P 500 closing above 4,000 in the first two trading sessions of the month. So far, investors are saying "full steam ahead" to Biden's infrastructure bill.
E Tuesday Talk: Doing The Suez
As the Ever Given was finally freed toward the end of the market day in the U.S., on Monday markets in New York barely moved. The S&P closed at 3,971, down 0.09%, the Dow closed at 33,171, up 0.3% and the Nasdaq Composite closed at 13,060, down 0.6%.
E Tuesday Talk: The Old Slide And Glide
On Monday both the yields for 10 year and 30 year US Treasuries slid slightly from last week's highs. Tech stocks responded by gliding higher.


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