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Taki Tsaklanos is the founder and lead analyst at InvestingHaven.com, a research service focused on unlocking opportunities across markets. With +15 years of experience in markets, he has developed a methodology based on 7 indicators: chart patterns, intermarket analysis, market internals, ... more


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4 Precious Metals: There Is Always Bull Market In One Of Them
Although there have been periods where multiple precious metals were rising simultaneously we have also seen periods in which just one precious metal was rising.
Green Light For Stock Markets?
The market conditions look good, though not confirmed to be bullish as of yet. However, they are certainly not catastrophic as some have argued.
Gold Market: Major Breakout Test Ongoing
It is getting very, very exciting in the gold market. What happens in gold as well as gold stocks around current levels will have a serious impact in the gold market.
A Coffee Price Forecast For 2019
We see several signs of a very aggressive coffee price rally in 2019.
Silver Bulls And Bears In The Most Important Battle Of 2019
The silver price is subject to an important battle. Arguably it is the most important battle between bulls and bears, not only of the last 3 years but also for 2019.
A Canopy Growth Stock Forecast For 2019
During the sell-off in the last 3 months of last year, we did spot something quite unusual: relative strength of cannabis stock in general, and Canopy Growth in particular.
AMD: Tech Stock With A Bullish Forecast In 2019
A break above $23.50 would send this stock to previous highs around $33-$34. Smart investors watch the breakout point $23.50 very closely. This is the condition to confirm the bullish forecast for 2019.
Broadridge Financials Confirms Its Breakout, Riskless Way To Play Tech Stocks
We believe tech stocks are a great play in 2019, and specifically Broadridge Financials looks juicy with a confirmed breakout on its chart. Broadridge Financials is a riskless way to play tech stocks
Risk Barometer Sandwiched: Stunning Chart Will Determine Next Market Trend
The million dollar question is in which direction markets move next. Twenty-Year Treasuries, which is one of our 15 leading indicators, has a breathtaking chart setup.
Canopy Growth Near All-Time Highs
The cannabis sector shows relative strength during market turmoil, and is the first to recover aggressively. Because of this we believe that the cannabis sector might qualify as one of the top three investment opportunities of 2019.
Emerging Markets Break Out, Bullish For 2019
Emerging markets are recovering from their recent decline, and a breakout in the context of the 12-month falling trend is now visible on the weekly chart.
A Palladium Prediction Of $5000 By 2020, Possible Or Not?
Two possibilities: either a major top was set last week (bearish scenario) or a new raging bull market that will bring palladium ultimately to $5000 by 2020.
Nikkei 225: How To Play This Ultra-Volatile Market In 2019?
The Nikkei 225 is one of the most volatile stock indexes. This brings opportunity but also huge risk.
Gold And Silver To Retrace Another 4% In January 2019
The precious metals market is on track to meet our gold forecast 2019 and silver forecast 2019. However, any bull market, short or long term, does not happen in a straight line. We see a 4% retracement in January 2019 in both gold and silver.
Top 3 Tech Stocks Of 2019
Tech stocks should be outperformers in 2019. This article features our top three tech stocks of 2019. The best 3 tech stocks in U.S. markets include Rapid7, Mitek Systems and AppFolio.
Ripple’s XRP: The Longer The Base, The Higher In Space
Most cryptocurrencies follow traditional market and chart principles remarkably well. Ripple’s XRP is a great illustration of this. It has respected in recent years and months the old principle ‘the longer the base, the higher in space.’
1 to 16 of 809 Posts
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