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Jeff is a U.S. equities and options trader, investor and educator. He has been actively trading and investing in the markets for 9 years and is the head swing trader at www.warriortrading.com. Before taking to the markets full ... more

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What Are Floor Traders And What Did They Do?
Floor trading is basically dead. A limited number of floor traders still do it, but more than 95% of the order flow is completely electronic nowadays.
What Is Momo Trading?
Momo trading is the ideal style of trading for traders looking to capitalize on sharp price movements quickly.
The Big Housing Migration And How It Affects The Homebuilding Industry
Housing starts for December 2020, reported in late January, hit a level not seen since 2006.
Marketable Limit Orders Explained For Beginners
The world of day trading is fast-paced and intense.
How To Use Moving Averages To Buy Stocks
When it comes to trading stocks, it is important that traders know how to use indicators to enter and exit trades.
Heikin Ashi Candlesticks Explained For Beginners
Heikin Ashi candlesticks are a compelling alternative to traditional Japanese candlestick charts. These candlesticks are essential in identifying market trends, making them well suited to day traders, scalpers, and swing traders.
Tesla Added To S&P 500: What’s Next?
It was recently announced that Tesla would be added to the S&P 500 index before the open on December 21, 2020, ending years of speculation by Tesla fans and critics about the S&P index committee’s hesitation to include the controversial automaker.
Smart Money Index: What It Is And How It Works
The terms “smart” and “dumb” do not necessarily correlate with trader intelligence. Instead, they are used to help differentiate traders who are predictive (smart) from those who are reactive (dumb).
How To Use The Awesome Oscillator
The Awesome Oscillator (AO) is one of the most popular indicators that are used to measure momentum in the stock and commodity markets.
Dead Cat Bounce Definition: Day Trading Terminology
Dead bounce cat is a pricing pattern used by technical analysts and usually identified in hindsight.
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Definition: Day Trading Terminology
An exchange traded fund, or ETF, is a marketable security tracking bonds, commodities or other baskets of assets, such as an index fund. Unlike a mutual fund, ETFs trade just like the shares of an equity stock on stock exchanges.
3 Ways To Identify The Best Day Trading Stocks
Day trading is all about getting in, making your profit and getting out as quickly and smoothly as possible. Ideally you are looking to identify two upcoming inflection points, open a position at one and then close the position at the other.
Swing Traders Win Big On Small Cap Stock Trades - CERU PXLW BIOC
BIOC was first of the swing trade win streak. Long entry was alerted on 2/08/17. Profits were taken on 2/9/17 for a total ROI of 31%.
Citigroup Options Spread Nets 20% ROI
This increase in implied volatility allowed us to profit, netting a 20% return on our investment, without ever seeing a substantial or significant increase in the underlying asset price.
VMW Call Spread Nets 30% ROI For Swing Traders
The VMW call spread was a great example of a pull back entry on a stock with relatively low implied volatility in a strong uptrend making higher lows, testing key technical support and resistance areas.
Crushing Options Swing Trades
The markets have had unusually low volatility in the past few weeks, paving the way for a ton of debit spreads. What is a debit spread you ask? It's an options swing trade strategy that capitalizes on the swings in volatility.
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