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Jeff Foster is a U.S. equities and options trader, investor and educator. He has been actively trading and investing in the markets for 9 years and is the head swing trader at www.warriortrading.com. Before taking to the markets full time, Jeff was an entrepreneur and an SEC registered investment ... more

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Smart Money Index: What It Is And How It Works
The terms “smart” and “dumb” do not necessarily correlate with trader intelligence. Instead, they are used to help differentiate traders who are predictive (smart) from those who are reactive (dumb).
Swing Traders Win Big On Small Cap Stock Trades - CERU PXLW BIOC
BIOC was first of the swing trade win streak. Long entry was alerted on 2/08/17. Profits were taken on 2/9/17 for a total ROI of 31%.
Citigroup Options Spread Nets 20% ROI
This increase in implied volatility allowed us to profit, netting a 20% return on our investment, without ever seeing a substantial or significant increase in the underlying asset price.
VMW Call Spread Nets 30% ROI For Swing Traders
The VMW call spread was a great example of a pull back entry on a stock with relatively low implied volatility in a strong uptrend making higher lows, testing key technical support and resistance areas.
Crushing Options Swing Trades
The markets have had unusually low volatility in the past few weeks, paving the way for a ton of debit spreads. What is a debit spread you ask? It's an options swing trade strategy that capitalizes on the swings in volatility.
Attacking The Markets And Hunting For Swing Trade Wins
Remember, for those of you that struggle with the losers or coping with their reality, the best piece of advice I can give is, treat your winners like income and your losses as expenses.
Harley Davidson: Shares Plunge 9.79%
Harley Davidson (HOG) Shares plunge after a first quarter earnings miss.
Could Now Be A Good Time To Put Some Tasty Treats Of Shake Shack In Your Portfolio?
Is Shake Shack (SHAK) a buy before the lockup expiration?
Start To Earnings Season With Alcoa
Earnings season has officially begun, with Alcoa's results mixed. Is this going to set the pace for the weeks ahead?
China Stocks Soar Thursday After Big Overnight Rally
A huge rally on the Hang Seng overnight is translating into new gains for China stocks on US markets today.
Focus On Cyber Security ETF: HACK
How investing in an ETF like HACK can pay off in this technology boom.
Keep Calm & Carry On
Traders, manage your trades with confidence.
Voltari Corporation Reaches 52 Week High On Easter Monday
Icahn's major stake purchase sends stock soaring on buyout potential.
Textbook Breakout And Reversal Pattern For Panera Bread Thursday
The key to spotting these trends in real time is to keep an eye on your indicators and volume.
Under Armour Has Been In A Huge Bullish Trend
Under Armour shares broke out of a 7 month consolidation period in mid February 2015, and they haven’t looked back since.
How Professional Traders Handle Stress
How do you handle stress as a trader? How do the pros do it?
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