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Debt, Division, Dysfunction, And The March To National Bankruptcy
As trillion-dollar deficits pile up in 2019 and beyond, interest on the national debt will become the largest single item in the federal budget.
David Morgan: Expect Stagflation And Silver Outperformance In 2019
Michael Gleason interviews David Morgan on what to expect in 2019.
Wall Street Drools Over Fishy Jobs Report
The Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered a blowout jobs report on Friday. Headline chasing algorithms and investors responded by snapping up stocks. They also sold some gold and silver futures, driving prices lower on the day.
Market Volatility Skyrocketing, Precious Metals Start Strong In 2019
Precious metals markets are off to a strong start in 2019. Gold and silver both closed Thursday at multi-month highs as the stock market reversed sharply to the downside.
2019 Money Metals Outlook
Precious metals markets enter 2019 with an opportunity to shine. Several major bullish drivers are lining up to start the New Year – including technical, fundamental, monetary, and political drivers.
Fake Markets And Return Of The “Plunge Protection Team”
Stocks rallied during the Christmas week, and the mainstream financial press would like you to believe bargain hunters swooped in after the weeks of heavy selling to grab some deals.




Stefan Gleason
#Debt, Division, Dysfunction, And The March To National #Bankruptcy more
Stefan Gleason
David Morgan: Gold & Silver Outlook for 2019
Stefan Gleason
Find the Cheapest Precious Metals Products in the “Bargain Bin”
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Wyoming Legislators Want State To De-Risk Investments By Holding Gold And Silver
A group of Wyoming legislators have introduced three bills this week to de-risk the state’s financial holdings with modest allocations to physical gold and silver in the state’s pension fund, reserve fund, and mineral trust fund.
New Shortfall In Production Capacity For Fabricated Silver And Gold
The two largest private producers of bullion bars and rounds in the U.S. have gone defunct over the past two years. Premiums for silver bars and rounds are already on the rise as markets adjust to the lack of supply.
Big Silver Move Foreshadowed As Industrial Panic Looms
Things got off to a rough start in 2018, but since the middle of August, prices have rallied more than 30% and we're back to all-time highs.
Frank Holmes Predicts Gold Explosion To The Upside In “Blink Of An Eye”
They are raising another quarter of a percentage point as most were expecting they would. That hike was sort of in the cards for months now. But the language in their statement was more hawkish than many of the experts thought it would be.
Trump-Defying Fed Enters Danger Zone For Economy And Markets
The Fed blinked – but didn’t flinch away from another rate hike. On Wednesday, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policymakers rejected President Donald Trump’s call for a pause.
Why I Didn’t Sell Gold & Silver In 2011, Part Ll
Over a year ago in this space, you may have read my rationale for not closing out core metals and mining stock positions after the May 2011 intermediate top (which turned out to be a longer term!) in the resource sector.
Political Theater Goes Into Overdrive As Shutdown Looms
The Democratic party will be moving back into the control room in the House of Representatives.
Gerald Celente: Central Banks Can’t Stop A 2019 Debt Disaster
Are we getting to the point where the rubber meets the road and people are finally reaching their fill of corrupt and out-of-touch politicians making promises they can't keep?

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