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Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd. (Sigma) is a Toronto-based investment management firm that has been a pioneer in managed account investing, risk management and smart risk analytics. Sigma Analysis & Management is an alternative asset manager that specializes in generating absolute ... more

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Election Mania In Times Of Covid-19
2020 has been a tumultuous year capped off by an even more volatile election;
Fed Stimulus And The Economy: A House Of Cards – Part 2
“Austerity” – a scary word for some that know it all too well and those for which it is a long-ago memory alike.
Fed Stimulus And The Economy: A House Of Cards
It is said that while throwing money at an issue will not solve it alone, it will usually make the solution easier to find, this thinking seems to have been the mantra adopted by central banks all across the world while battling the COVID19 pandemic.
Hedge Funds: A Dying Breed, Or Any Industry On The Rise?
The hedge fund is as versatile as a beast as it is a secretive one. For many, the word sparks visions of their portrayals in popular culture as ominous, all-powerful organizations with endless pockets and influence.
A Death Sentence Or Salvation, Why Not Both? Private Equity & Debt
This is the second entry of our series on alternatives and within this post we will highlight the private equity space as well as its investment opportunities within the economic landscape of today. 
History’s Constants: Land And Gold
All throughout history, from the backdrop of the classic times of Ancient Greece and the later Roman Empire, two main assets have been a static constant: gold and real estate
1 to 6 of 6 Posts