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Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

He oversees the creation of all commentary as well as the various subscription services. He also manages the ... more


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Key Takeaways From Q4 Earnings Results Thus Far
The market’s favorable momentum in recent days is likely not a reflection of its happiness with earnings reports, but rather a result of optimism about some of the macro worries that weighed on sentiment in the last quarter of 2018.
EC Can Earnings Reports Push Bank Stocks Higher?
Bank stocks have been enthusiastic participants in the post-Christmas bounce in the market, but they remained a weak part of the market overall last year. Strong results will give many of these stocks a short-term bump.
EC The Market's Earnings Uncertainty
Whether we look at the growth picture on a quarterly basis or on a rolling quarter basis, there is no doubt that growth peak is now behind us. The question now is how much estimates for the coming quarters have still to come down.
EC Earnings Estimates Coming Down
There is plenty to like in the picture emerging from the Q3 earnings season, but some areas of weakness have emerged as well.
3 Takeaways From The Q3 Earnings Season
If we look at Q3 as a whole by combining the actual results for the 313 index members with estimates for the still-to-come companies, total earnings for the quarter are expected to be up +23.2% from the same period last year on +7.6% higher revenues.
EC The Market's Exaggerated Earnings Worries
Almost half of the S&P500 members have now reported the latest quarter's earnings, and of those, more than half have beat both EPS and revenue estimates.
EC Are Q3 Earnings Results Really Good?
We get into the heart of the Q3 earnings season this coming week, with more than 600 companies reporting results. With results from almost 17% of the index’s total membership already out, we have a pretty good sense about the quarter thus far.
Banks Provide Positive Start To Q3 Earnings Season
Bank stocks have been notable laggards in recent quarters, with market participants preferring the faster growing technology stocks to these seemingly boring companies. Banks are boring, but they have a lot going for them.
Bank Earnings In The Spotlight
Bank stocks have perked up a bit on rising interest rates, but the industry has struggled this year on worries about the shape of the yield curve, trends in loan portfolios and trading volumes and the duration of the current economic cycle.
What Is Keeping Bank Stocks Down?
Finance sector earnings were up +21.5% in the June quarter and the expectation is that growth in the Q3 earnings season will likely be even better. But bank stocks are one of the weakest performers in the market.
EC Q3 Earnings Season Brings Growth Deceleration
Given the ongoing strength in the U.S. dollar, questions about the global economy, and all-around trade uncertainty,estimates for Q3 and beyond may continue coming down.
Has The Earnings Picture Started Weakening?
Strength in corporate earnings has been a key support for the stock market, helping offset worries about issues like trade uncertainty and the Fed outlook. The market will be looking for reconfirmation of earnings strength in the Q3 earnings season.
EC Q3'18 Earnings Season Preview
We have to wait another few weeks before Q3 earnings season really takes the spotlight, but the reporting cycle has gotten underway already. Total Q3 earnings are expected to be up +17.7% from the same period last year on +7.2% higher revenues.
Looking Ahead To Q3 Earnings Season
Given the ongoing strength in the U.S. dollar, questions about the global economy and all-around trade uncertainty, it is possible that estimates for Q3 and beyond continue coming down in the coming days.
EC Strong Retail Sector Earnings Performance
The sector’s Q2 performance compares favorably to historical periods even after we exclude Amazon’s impressive results. We now have Q2 results from 93.4% of the SP500’s total market membership; total earnings for these 467 companies are up 25.5%.
EC Earnings Season Shows Strong Revenue Momentum
Overall growth is steadily moving towards the Q1 level, with all around positive surprises and plenty of momentum on the revenues side.
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