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Shelly Palmer is Fox 5 New York's On-air Tech Expert (WNYW-TV) and the host of Fox Television's monthly show Shelly Palmer Digital Living. He also hosts United Stations Radio ... more


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Apple’s Streaming TV Service
Will Apple compete with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon by implementing its own streaming TV service?
The Race To 5G Supremacy
Shelly Palmer and Richard Quest discuss the race to 5G domination
Snap Stock Bounce Back
Shelly Palmer discusses Snapchat's stock skyrocketing today, up by 23%, with Richard Quest on CNN’s Quest Means Business. Shelly and Richard also talk about Spotify's shares falling after earnings.
The Apple Plunge
Discussing the nosedive after Apple reports iPhone sales in China decreased.
SoftBank Cashes In
Looking into SoftBank’s Vision Fund and its spectacular earnings.
Tech Earnings Rebound
Tech shares rebound following the third quarter earnings report.
The End Of Net Neutrality
Fox News interviews Shelly about the repeal of net neutrality that went into effect Monday.
Facebook’s Data Issues
Mark Zuckerberg’s post accepting responsibility and committing to fixing the problem and the EU’s new proposal to tax Google and Facebook over $6.4 Billion.
Bitcoin Price Crash
Shelly Palmer talks with Richard Quest and David Wachsman about Bitcoin price crash.
Thoughts On Spotify And Its $1.6 Billion Lawsuit
A discussion on 1.6 billion dollar copyright lawsuit filed against Spotify and the company's decision to list their shares instead of doing a traditional IPO.
Disney’s Deal With 21st Century Fox
Disney to pay $52bn for most of 21st Century Fox.
Bitcoin: What You Need To Know
Bitcoin is trading at over $11,000. What is it? Should you consider buying?
Disney Vs Netflix
Shelly speaks with Richard Quest about Disney’s announcement to pull its video off of Netflix and start its own streaming service.
Snap, Apple & Uber – CNN
Shelly speaks with Maggie Lake on CNN Money about Snap’s future, Apple’s earnings and Uber’s CEO search.
Should Snapchat Users Trust Snapmap?
Can Snapchat users trust this new location based feature? Or should users disable the Snapmap feature?
Just How Dangerous Is Alexa?
Is Alexa always listening? Shelly Palmer explains how Amazon’s Echo and Alexa Voice Service work
1 to 16 of 39 Posts
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