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Ryan Mallory is the founder of SharePlanner.com and has been trading for more than 20 years. He got his start in the stock market at 11 years old when he inherited $5,000 from a relative that had passed away. Instead of putting the money in a college fund until he was 18, Ryan convinced his ... more


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Market Rally Continues
Materials stole the show yesterday, while Energy came in right behind. The latter of which has managed to string together its sixth straight day of gains.
Stocks For You To Swing-Trade: TGT, AAP, URBN
Take a look at three trading ideas to prep you for the next trading session.
Dull And Muted Price Action
Energy sector led the way -showing itself to be the strongest of the sectors for this week.
Stocks For You To Swing-Trade: EFX, ZUO, CBOE
Take a look at three trading ideas to prep you for the next trading session.
Energy Continued To Surge Higher
A very poor retail number that came in well below expectations has the market retreating today. We haven't seen any panic selling over the past month, and none last week either, to be more specific.
Will The Market Hold Up?
An ideal day for the bulls yesterday as it managed to break through the 200-day moving average and close there as well.
Stocks For You To Swing-Trade: SPOT, UA, BC
Take a look at three trading ideas to prep you for the next trading session.
Market Still Overbought
Technology back to being the market's darling with a huge bounce on Friday. Energy has become less certain. It did hold key support on Friday, but still much weaker than the rest of the market.
Short-Term Trend-Line Remains Intact
Second straight day of selling and the first time we have seen that since 1/14/19 - an incredible run.
Market Unwilling To Get Bearish
You can't dogpile on this market at this stage, when it has been up 21 of the last 28 days because, at some point, there will be profit taking and you don't want to be a bag holder as a result.
Impressive Market Rally
Technology continues to be the biggest winner over the past four trading sessions and ripped off another 1.3% in profits. Industrials have shown similar strength as well.
Uncertain Footing At Recent Highs
Energy continues to build upon its bull flag breakout mode. with little resistance to the upside. Financials struggling to push through the 200-day moving average.
The Declining Trend-Line Broke
It is a new month, and this time last year we saw a major decline start following an impressive January start.
Exuberant Market
The big names like Boeing, Apple and Facebook continue to impress with their earnings reports and has kept the market from giving up its most recent gains.
Declining Trend-Line
Technology and Discretionary struggled mightily yesterday as the market traded flat yesterday. Buoyed with Apple earnings these two sectors should lead the way higher today.
Interesting Earnings Week For The Market
We are coming up on Apple and Facebook earnings today and tomorrow. These are two stocks that have been hammered much more than most stocks over the past four months and could be setting up for a rally of their own.
1 to 16 of 1370 Posts
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