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Sebastien Bischeri is a former Reserve Officer in the French Armed Forces (Navy), and
began his career in computer science and engineering, prior to move into banking, finance, and trading. He has worked as a contractor with top banks, firms, government
departments, MNCs, SMEs and ... more

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The Trade Entry Has Been Triggered – How To Secure Profits?
Entry… triggered! The price rallies to the Moon, but you don’t want to cash out “just yet” - am I right? So, let’s see how to prevent hard landing.
Crude Oil Didn’t Like Thanksgiving Turkey This Year
It appears that the US markets didn’t find the Thanksgiving turkey very tasty this year.
Crude Oil: Anticipating Dips In The Near-Term
The market is struggling with further downward pressure, triggered by a stronger US dollar, and threats that the US and others will start using their strategic oil reserves.
Ever Thought About Biofuels To Diversify Your Portfolio?
Given the recent surge of oil and gas prices, biofuels have become somehow more attractive, and consequently one could witness a slight shift in demand from fossil to non-fossil fuels.
Commodity Currencies Explained (Part I)
Ever think of commodities when trading currencies? Or vice-versa? What do Brazilian reals have to do with soybeans, or Indian rupees with diamonds?
Crude Oil Eyeing EIA Figures – “Yoyo-Trade” Exited After Hitting All Projected Targets
Crude oil prices reached their last highs on Wednesday before pulling back, initially supported by US crude stocks falling as shown by API figures, and afterward cooled by contrary prospects from the EIA.
Target Hit! Another Successful Call On Natural Gas
The market indeed sank just below that band to trigger an entry on Monday, and then it was suddenly pushed back up by the bulls waiting to take over the price to the upward direction.
Crude Eyeing OPEC+ Meeting – Where Is Oil Headed?
With the OPEC+ meeting on Thursday, oil looks to be in a corrective phase, as pressure is on for more crude. Are we looking at bearish winds ahead?
Shrinking US Crude Reserves Might Confirm The Trend Now
Oil prices rose again on Tuesday, approaching multi-year highs amid concerns over steadily shrinking US crude reserves.
Oil Breaks Records, But Don’t Expect Increases In Supply
We should not expect a further increase in supply beyond the expected level from OPEC+ in the near future, despite a strong recovery in demand.
Is Crude Oil’s Rally Driven By Speculation Only?
After the surge, the WTI Crude Oil still faces some global risk sentiment strong enough to make it fly higher. Will it pop like a helium balloon?
Crude Oil Is In The Fast Lane, But Where Is It Going?
Fundamentally, nothing seems to be able to stop, in the short term, the surge in crude oil prices.
Trading Oil & Gas: Some Spicy MLPs To Choose From
A good way to diversify the construction of your oil and gas investment portfolio is to use a variety of assets for balanced exposure to the energy sector and its industrial components.
What Can We Learn From US Crude Inventories?
Crude oil inventories turned positive for the second week in a row. Was that the only reason for the recent plunge of black gold?
OPEC+ Sticks To Its Tight Supply Plan, So What Now?
Since energy is the heart of the global economy, if inflationary prices are accelerating further, they could lead to a global state of tachycardia, which would rapidly spread to other sectors and, consequently, threaten the entire economy.
How The Recent Natural Gas Surge Boosts Crude Prices
This could be an interesting week for both energy commodity markets.
1 to 16 of 27 Posts
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