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Samantha LaDuc, founder of LaDuc Capital LLC, is a Macro-to-Micro strategic technical analyst, educator and trader. She grew a small technology company (family of 60) for 10 years before selling it and has been actively trading and investing since 2008. Samantha has a unique perspective in ... more


Set-It-And-Forget-It Trend Trade
Archna Jagtiani joins Samantha LaDuc to discuss what they are currently trading, their favorite trend-playing tactics, as well as the power of trading options.
The Case For Value Over Momentum
Samantha LaDuc spoke with Dale Pinkert of ForexAnalytix to discuss her call-out of how small caps and beaten down cyclical sectors offered great value in their discounted prices, and how a sentiment play on perceived economic recovery is possible.
Gilead Pops Returning 250 Times Investment
That's not a typo. Gilead popped after market hours today on Remdesivir news on a treatment for COVID19.
Crude Oil Forecast: Timing The Next Big Trade
WTI crude prices soared 25% on April 2nd for its largest single-day percentage gain in history after President Trump said he expects Russia and Saudi Arabia to announce a major output cut deal.
Using Option Flow To Support Your Chart Read
I present a look back on how I time tops in general and the most recent 15% correction from peak to trough in one week. I went over the macro, intermarket and technical work I do to support my market timing calls.‬
The Mighty U.S. Dollar: Connecting The Financial Market Dots
The US Dollar is having its fastest start to a new year in half a decade.




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