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Ron DeLegge is a leading authority on portfolio construction, investment management, and risk control. His three-word investment philosophy is to help people BUILD, GROW, and PROTECT their money. Through a mix of investment research, online courses, and hands-on help, Ron shows investors like ... more

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The Destructive Force Of Fragility
The benefits of designing an anti-fragile investment portfolio are only appreciated when everything seems to be going wrong.
Elon Musk Thinks Index Funds And Short Sellers Are Colluding
Accusing index funds and ETFs for aiding and abetting short sellers of stock is a stretch. Share lending is incidental to the index fund and ETF business and it’s not illegal.
Battle Of The Tech ETFs: TECL Vs. XLK
Looking ahead, nobody knows if the technology sector’s outperformance over the broader stock market will continue. But we do know that technology will continue to be an integral part of everyday life and more innovation is yet to come.
Is It Time To Sell?
With 2018 already half over, the U.S. stock market is outperforming its global peers, plus it still trades near all-time highs.
Here’s What’s Driving Your Investment Returns
Although your investment results may seem random, they aren’t. In reality, your portfolio’s performance is directly influenced by a number of decisions you’ve consciously or unconsciously made.
3 Strategies For Managing Higher Volatility
What makes 2018 remarkably different from the recent past is rising stock market volatility.
Avoiding The Mutual Fund Tax Trap
Mutual funds have a major structural flaw that exposes shareholders to unwanted and unnecessary tax liabilities.
A Wonderful Fluke
Not even bitcoin’s anonymous inventor(s) or its loudest advocates foresaw how much of a global force digital assets would become.
Don’t Let Home-Bias Investing Trip You Up
The total U.S. stock market has gained over 20% during the past year and is doing great. But for U.S. investors that are under-weighted to foreign stocks, it’s not so great.
4 Benefits Of Leveraged ETFs
Despite criticisms, leveraged ETFs give investors and traders many viable alternatives for amplifying gains, putting less trading capital at risk, and even profiting when markets decline.
Why Contrarian Investing Still Works
Being a contrarian investor is a lot harder than it sounds. It means doing the opposite of the crowd. It means having the stomach and stamina to buy assets or investments that are unloved, misunderstood, and trading at bargain prices.
What Behavioral Biases Are Messing You Up?
Your worst enemy isn’t inflation, deflation, a market crash, or whatever other scary financial scenarios you can think of. Rather, we ourselves, in many cases become our own worst enemies.
The Right Context For Active Management
Actively managed portfolios are not a device of nefarious origin. And neither is it a “dead exercise” as the vox populi has declared. Nevertheless, to be successful at active investing, there are some big time hurdles.
How To Use Single Country ETFs
Among the greatest breakthroughs that exchange-traded funds have made is giving people complete control of their investment decisions.
3 Diversification Errors
Portfolio diversification is an investment strategy designed to limit risk by spreading money across multiple asset classes and securities.
How To Hedge In A Rising Market
Hedging, for some investors, sounds complicated. In reality, it’s not because it’s all about reducing investment risk.
1 to 16 of 51 Posts
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