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Forex Forecast And Cryptocurrencies Forecast For October 26 - 30
Strong macro statistics from the United States and a record increase in the number of COVID-19 infected in the Old World, seemed to reverse the EUR/USD trend south on October 21. But then Europe and Germany, showed an increase in business activity.
Forex Forecast And Cryptocurrencies Forecast For Oct. 19 - 23
​​​​​​​The market is now ruled by two main factors: the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming November 3 presidential election in the United States.
Forex Forecast And Cryptocurrencies Forecast For Oct. 12 - 16
The election is getting closer. But what can it change radically? In theory, we are talking about the normalization of monetary policy, which should strengthen the US currency. But in practice, the Fed's capabilities are already severely limited.
Forex Forecast And Cryptocurrencies Forecast For Oct. 5 - 9
Against the background of Brexit uncertainty, GBP/USD returned to the range where it was already trading on September 15-21 - 1.2805-1.3000, thus confirming the forecast given last week by 35% of analysts that signaled the pair was oversold.
Forex Forecast And Cryptocurrency Forecast For September 28 - October 2
There are several macro-reasons for the growth of the dollar and the fall of the euro. First, it is the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the EU countries. Secondly, skepticism about the prospects for the recovery of the US economy.
Forex And Cryptocurrency Forecast For September 14 - 18
​​​​​​​Following the ECB meeting, the Euro tried to fly up and even reached 1.1920, but literally an hour later the market decided that all this was not so important, and the quotes of the EUR/USD pair quickly returned to their original positions.


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