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Another Turd in the Punch Bowl

Date: Monday, November 11, 2019 1:35 AM EST

I’ve read a lot of silly articles about trading in gold and silver in the last twenty years but this piece of rubbish has no substance and only serves to display the ignorance of the writer. It’s like someone talking about how to fly the SR-71 at Mach four who has never taken a single flight in a Cessna-150. It’s ok for him to pretend he’s an expert but any experienced commodity trader will immediately see all the flaws in his logic.

If Eric Sprott has any sense, he will demand the Turd take and pass the Series 3 exam. It doesn’t require months of toil and study, it could be complete in a week but this level of trash is absurd. The Turd needs to do the basic homework that any beginning broker would complete.

This is embarrassing for the entire industry. If the Turd wants to believe in Short Selling (that doesn’t exist) or a Comex Default (that can’t happen) or a Commercial Signal Failure (they made up the term) or fraud in Comex futures, he should be taking baby steps before thinking he’s the world’s greatest expert in commodities. Clearly he is not.

Two kinds of information exist in the financial world. There is signal that you can get trading information from that you can make money with and there is noise. It might be interesting but there is nothing in it that would ever make any money for you. If you notice in all of the writing from the Turd or Gata in general or Ted Butler or any of the other Trailer Trash, it’s all noise and never signal.

No one has ever made even a single cent trading on the information they provide because they don’t understand the markets well enough to call a top or a bottom or know what happens when a correction takes place. If you want to be outraged, feel free to listen to the noise from the gang of fools but you will never make any money trading. Their writing is all click bait, not advice.

And if the Turd would like to pull up any piece I have ever written talking about fair and free markets, I would be happy to post anything he would like to submit showing that without any comment on my part. Alternatively we can accept that he’s still a liar.

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