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Now That Was The Game-Changer For The Price Of Gold
11 months ago

GLD is higher, but mining stocks are extremely weak - that's what we see before bigger declines in the precious metals sector...

Gold Miners: Last Of The Summer Wine
2 years ago

you're very much welcome :)

USDX: Gold Can’t Wait To Fall - Even Without USDX's Help
3 years ago

Thanks for the comment. Inflation is one thing, bond yields is another. Thus, dollar doesn't have to decline now. In fact, the opposite seems more likely to me. I think that gold will move well beyond its 2020 highs, but not before declining (likely in the following few months).

USDX: Gold Can’t Wait To Fall - Even Without USDX's Help
3 years ago

I'm just not that good at "being afraid" :) Thank you. The next several months might be very interesting in the PMs, that's for sure. The long-term fundamentals are ridiculously bullish, and yet, it seems to me that the gold's going to initially (!) react to strength in the USDX and (eventually) declining stock market by declining significantly. We'll see. Have a great weekend!

USDX: Gold Can’t Wait To Fall - Even Without USDX's Help
3 years ago

Thank you, I'm happy that you enjoyed reading it.

Gold Miners: Were Upswings Just An Exhausting Sprint?
3 years ago

I am reassessing my charts each day, and if bigger moves take place, many times per day. And... have I really been on the wrong side of the trade? I mean - do you know when I entered short positions and (profitably closed long ones) and what instrument I used? The positions that I entered (and discussed in my Gold & Silver Trading Alerts) were profitable shortly after entering them, and currently they are not, but they are very close to being so. Based on today's pre-market decline in gold, they will likely be profitable once again very soon, perhaps as soon as during today's session.

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It’s The USDX’s Déjà Vu Moment
3 years ago

Thanks for following my analyses and for the feedback, I appreciate it

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