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Gold And Palladium Shake Hands
The price of palladium just exceeded the price of gold for the first time in 16 years. That’s an epic even.
Gold Joins The Decline – The Earth Is Shaking
The outlook for the precious metals market remains very bearish for the following weeks and months and short position remains justified from the risk to reward point of view.
The Gold & Silver Corrective Rally Is Almost Over
The risk to reward ratio continues to favor short positions in gold, silver, and mining stocks because of all the long-term factors that remain in place and that we discussed recently.
Warning: Precious Metals’ Prices Are About To Collapse
The outlook remains strongly bearish for the precious metals sector and the new long-term and short-term sell signals confirm it.
Rallying Gold, Declining USDX, And The CoT Comments
The US elections are over and since the markets were not surprised by their outcome, there was no significant reaction.
USD’s Weekly Breakout And The Golden Spring
USDX’s Friday’s close was its highest weekly closing prices of 2018. This is an extremely significant confirmation of the bullish outlook for the US currency.


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Warning: Precious Metals’ Prices Are About To Collapse
1 month ago

Yes, that's really possible. It was just as unlikely in 2008 (please note the orange lines that show the 2008 - now analogy) and silver declined even below $9.

In this article: GLD, SLV, HUI, UUP
Trade War And Silver CoT – Details And Implications
10 months ago

Please explain what do you mean by "biased" and point out the subjective opinions. Your comment is biased against my analysis, because it doesn't feature any facts justifying your opinion. My article, on the other hand, provides discussion of multiple reasons and facts. Also, I'm very bullish on the precious metals in the long run.

Gold Being Odd And USD Being Tricky
1 year ago


In this article: GLD, UUP
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