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Further Clues Reveal Gold’s Weakness
While it’s clear that there are counter-trend rallies within any move, it seems that the precious metals market is not yet ready to launch a counter-trend rally right now.
Precious Metals Now And Then: A Comparison
When making decisions regarding the gold mining stocks sector, some will choose to follow price actions while others will use indicator tools.
What’s Behind The USDX Breakout?
So far, 2020 has been an incredible and challenging year for the many markets, and that does not exclude gold, arguably one of the most important and most valuable commodities in the world.
Making Sense Of The Dilly-Dallying Days In Crude Oil
Crude oil reversed in a profound way in September, which suggests that lower prices are likely in the following months. The sell signal from the monthly Stochastic indicator also remains intact.
When Will The Turnaround In Gold Likely Come? Implications For Silver?
The big decline in the precious metals sector appears to be finally underway. While there will be periodic corrections, it seems that we will see them only after gold, silver and mining stocks decline some more.
Gold Price In October 2019
The big decline in the precious metals sector appears to be finally underway, and the temporary USD-reversal-caused rally in gold and silver is likely over.


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Warning: Precious Metals’ Prices Are About To Collapse
2 years ago

Yes, that's really possible. It was just as unlikely in 2008 (please note the orange lines that show the 2008 - now analogy) and silver declined even below $9.

In this article: GLD, SLV, HUI, UUP
Trade War And Silver CoT – Details And Implications
2 years ago

Please explain what do you mean by "biased" and point out the subjective opinions. Your comment is biased against my analysis, because it doesn't feature any facts justifying your opinion. My article, on the other hand, provides discussion of multiple reasons and facts. Also, I'm very bullish on the precious metals in the long run.

Gold Being Odd And USD Being Tricky
3 years ago


In this article: GLD, UUP
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