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My name is Burt Coons.

My Pen name "Plunger" is a spoof based on a quote from P.J. O’Rourke, an American political satirist and journalist.

“Giving assets to a stock market plunger is like giving beer and car keys to teenage boys."

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The Coming Global Liquidity Crisis…The Kick Off Of The Post Bubble Contraction
We have seen how the PBC has now begun and is making itself felt around the world starting at the periphery of the global economy, next moving to the senior markets of the world and eventually being transmitted to the core of the financial system.
Weekend Report - Pay Attention Moment - Time To Wake Up From Your Summer Slumber
The economies of the world are at an inflection point. Enough data points have now presented themselves to be able to see the outlines of a major shift in the markets of the world.
Is It 1937 Again?
After Friday’s smashing in the commodities and precious metals market many investors are now rattled and may have bailed from the sector already.
Complacency Reigns Supreme
The largest financial bubble in history is concluding and one should prepare his bomb shelter and know how to protect oneself.
It’s Time To Get Serious About Silver
If the VIX stayed elevated expect more trouble for the stock market, it dropped below 20 then we could expect the market to have a decent rally or even recover its losses of the past 10 days.
Oil Trade And QQQ Update
With the hard sell off in the oil market of this week this would seem a logical place to give it a rest and for a short seller to step over to the sidelines for a while.
Trade Of The Year - Part III
Today’s economic narrative is inflation is perking up and the Fed is finally getting some traction in reviving the economy. Inflation up, Trump up, real estate up, and now the economy finally up.
Trade Of The Year - Part II
In the next recession those leaning the wrong way… the levered players will be forced to heave out their non-productive assets at fire sale prices.
A Short History Of The Post-WWII Oil Price, From A Technical Perspective
The main premise is that monetary policy has been the principle driver of the oil price over the past 70 years. The nature of commodity markets is inherently cyclical and when we impose central bank policies it makes it even more so.
Bond Bull Over Or The Start Of The Final Blow Off Top?
Over a Trillion dollars has been vaporized in the bond market in just one week. The phrase “blood bath” is an understatement as the widows and orphans have been routed. This isn’t supposed to happen in the the bond market.
Macro View: U S Bond Ready To Enter Melt Up Phase?
The 30 year bond bull market has reached it end and is about to implode.
Precious Metals Bull Phase 1: Final Impulse Dead Ahead
Everything is now aligned for the final upward impulse to complete Phase I of the great precious metals bull market. All the technical work is now done. It's time for short sellers to provide the fuel for the final surge powered by short covering.
Gold Stocks Ultimate Objective In A World Of Monetary Transition
The world’s monetary system is in a slow motion train wreck. Gold is emerging from the shadows to become the world’s premier currency once again, and gold stocks are the best proxy to capture this trend. How high could the precious metals stocks go?
Battle For The Matterhorn: Update
Gold has gone on to build out a complex double Cup & Handle pattern and encountered its first major resistance at the previous “Matterhorn” peak of $1309.
Mr. Cool Cucumber Is Starting To Sweat
I am still of the view that the gold price doesn’t go much further down from here. Maybe down to 1180 gold or 180 HUI. But before that, I first think we are due for a bounce here.
Gold Bull-Phase I Continues To Confound (The Trek To “Known Values”)
The market is now ripe with sold out bulls waiting for lower entry points. These are PM investors who have sold out, on the advice of their mentors, because a correction is imminent. Some have even entered short positions.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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