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Terrific Tuesday – Trade Talks Tempt Traders
There's not much economic news due to the Government shut-down so who knows how our economy is actually doing – perhaps that's another reason Trump doesn't want the Government open.
Non-Farm Friday – The Sum Of All Fears
The impressive December Jobs Report shows that the economy is doing just fine.
Thursday Freak Out – Apple (AAPL) Profit Warning Wrecks The Recovery
That's right folks, Apple issued a rare warning last night as CEO, Tim Cook said trade wars (including a Chinese boycott of Apple) have hurt even the World's Greatest Company and they would "only" sell $84Bn in their Q1.
What Now Wednesday – Bad China Data Gets 2019 Off To A Bad Start
In the US, things are not so bad but a big warning indicator is the nearly $14Tn in non-mortgage debt, which is about $1Tn more than where we toppped out in early 2008.
Which Way Wednesday – Testing The Weak Bounce Lines – Again
Well, yesterday was a bust but they are going to try it again this morning with the Futures pumped up 250 Dow points driven by a diving Dollar, driven down by Trump's talk about a Government shutdown.
10% Tuesday Correction – Have We Fallen Far Enough?
There's nothing like a nice sell-off when you're ready for it.


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A “Black Day” For Walmart – Website Glitches Causes Havoc And Major Losses
5 years ago
This will be difficult for Walmart to come back from. Someone will be losing his/her job for sure.
In this article: WMT
Morning Reads
5 years ago
I'm amazed anyone shops at that Walmart at all!
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Shutdown Friday – Government Closes For Christmas
Not only is Donald Trump stealing the paychecks up to 800,000 Federal Workers just in time for Christmas but GOP Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, says "It is just part of the risk of working in public service."
Why We Need To Act On Climate Change Now
Phil's Stock World interviews Jan Dash PhD, regarding his thoughts on climate change and the way it can affect our future.

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