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Gold: Inflation May Be Our Salvation
Gold and silver do not go up when everyone is bullish. They go up when almost everyone has given up on them. The fundamentals suggest that gold and silver should be much higher, but there are too many buyers in both markets.
Silver Leading The Way Up
On top of inflation, we have massive unemployment. These are not normal conditions. This environment is heading toward a massive reversion in precious metals to new all-time highs.
Silver: Industrial Demand Holds The Key To The Short Squeeze
There is a shortage of supply of gold and silver, especially for large deliveries. The 1,000-ounce silver bars, which are used for industrial uses, seem to be getting in short supply.
Silver Is The Canary In The Gold Mine
As we entered 2021, everyone expected the market to explode as a consequence of the Biden stimulus anticipated around $1.9 trillion. However, the market is not being stimulated.
Silver: Warming Up For Main Event
We have a real shortage of supplies, particularly in silver. Premiums are getting high and it takes a long time to get delivery.
Silver: Supplies Enter Danger Zone
The gold-silver ratio is in the 67s, which means silver is very undervalued compared to gold. In March, silver collapsed and the ratio hit about 120. We have already seen a 50% drop in silver.
Gold: Déjà Vu 2020 All Over Again?
Gold's price does not reflect the fundamentals, which continue to worsen. The economy still requires large stimulus packages.
Silver: Short Sellers, Your Time Has Come To Pay The Piper
Volatility has increased to a point that is unlike anything in living memory. The playing field has changed in relation to the application of technology against some of the biggest hedge funds, which had been essentially controlling certain markets.
Silver: Is This Short Squeeze For Real?
The fundamentals for precious metals are highly favorable. Yesterday Fed Reserve Governor Powell said they are going to leave interest rates as is. We are going to see low rates for a long time.
Gold: Making The Winter Lows Before The Spring Stimulus Rally
Long silver positions and ETFs rose to a record Thursday of 912,058 troy ounces. However, long gold positions are being liquidated, as long positions fell to 5¾ month low on December 22.
Gold: Will Stimulus Reach 10% Of GDP Under Biden?
Gold is going to go much higher. It should adjust to the relative volatility of Bitcoin, stocks and crude oil. The commodity markets are starting to explode.
Gold: Inflation Is Here To Save The Nation From Deflation
Precious metals settled higher on dovish central bank comments. Wednesday, February gold was up $10.70, while March silver was up 13.7 cents.
Gold And Silver Are Getting Ready To Explode
Buyers are beginning to enter the market. It appears to validate holding a long-term position in gold.
Gold: The Last Trough Before The Seasonal Spring Rally Above $2,000
From a fundamental point of view, the actions in Washington the past week have been unprecedented. However, stocks continue to move up in the face of all the uncertainty politically.
Gold: Will Bitcoin Be A Currency?
Trading is a very individual process. The more that you let emotions and the chatter in the media influence your trading, the worse you will do. I
Gold: Don't Get Left Behind The Short Squeeze
After the $2089 high of gold in the summer, gold has moved down about 50% from that high.
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