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I wrote a book called DISCIPLINE. I am a father, a financial analyst, an economist, a programmer, and a privacy and security specialist. I am curious about everything.

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Rejecting Logic And Reason
Let’s be clear: logic and reason are never flawed.
Could The “Spectral Gap Problem” Lead To Unbreakable Encryption?
Researchers in Madrid have recently discovered a mathematical problem that cannot be solved — at the quantum level (of course). Could the “Spectral Gap Problem” lead to unbreakable encryption?
Moral Relativism And Subjective Value
Imagine a universe in which there are no sentient, conscious beings. How valuable would gold be? How long would a meter be? What would be the meaning of good or evil or beautiful or ugly? With no one available to ascribe those values, what value would any of these concepts hold?
Nothing About This Economy Is Surprising
Albert Einstein said insanity "is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This Einstein platitude is so overused that I’m somewhat embarrassed to be planting it at the beginning of this article. Yet it fits.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts