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Paban Raj Pandey left a senior analyst position at a small hedge fund in January 2014, and started blogging in April of that year. With 20 years’ industry experience, he primarily focuses on US equities, macro, technical analysis, and derivatives (particularly options). Paban shares his ... more


Other +VE Divergences Take Shape As Markets Suffer 7th Weekly Drop
US stocks continued their downward trend last week. Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq suffered their seventh consecutive weekly drops. Concurrently, some other positive divergences have taken shape.
This Week's CoT: What Hedge Funds, Noncommercials Are Buying
For futures traders to again rerate their rates expectations for the remainder of the year, the minutes need to contain something drastically different from what have been priced in already. It probably does not pay off to bet on this outcome.
Relief Overdue For Gored Equity Bulls
US stocks have come under immense downward pressure of late. Amidst this came signs late last week that a relief was overdue. Several indicators are languishing in oversold territory, an unwinding of which could unleash upward pressure for stocks.
This Week In CoT: What Hedge Funds, Noncommercials Are Buying
Markets were looking for signs of a peak in inflation, and they were disappointed. That said, a March peak is still possible, as headline CPI in that month jumped 8.5 percent from a year ago, which was the steepest since December 1981.
% Of S&P 500 Stocks Above 50DMA In Mid-Teens But Yet To Hit Panicky Single Digit
Inflation is front and center, driving investor sentiment. April’s CPI report, out yesterday, proved expensive for equity bulls.
1Q22 S&P 600 Earnings Estimates Tumble, Even As Sell-Side Optimism Increases For ’23!
Blended 1Q S&P 600 earnings estimates took a nosedive in the week to last Wednesday. The Russell 2000 has tumbled nearly 26 percent the past six months. This probably prices in decent deceleration in the economy, but not contraction.


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