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Why Apple Should Buy Sony
There are numerous synergies between the two companies and an acquisition would give Apple the hardware and software advantages it needs. Additionally, an acquisition would be particularly affordable for Apple right now.


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Why Apple Should Buy Sony
2 months ago

Hi there thanks yours.I don't usually write here but I write regularly on Seeking Alpha.

In this article: AAPL, SNE
Tesla: Where’s My Comeuppance?
9 months ago

Oh dear I thought these Tesla FUD articles were confined to Seeking Alpha.

By this writer's childish use of expressions like "fraud","Cult like followers","god king",you know you will only hear subjective vitriol rather than objective sense.

In his surprise that Tesla is worth more than GM and Ford,he does not seem to understand that stock prices are about future potential value, not current revenues.GM and Ford are sitting on stranded assets which will only decline in value.

It is also obvious that shorting of Tesla will in fact continue at a high level,despite the huge losses shorts have suffered in the past couple of months.Shorting is anyway intrinsically a negative activity,representing the worst aspects of unbridled capitalism.The stock market's "ration d'être" should be to provide capital for firms by long-term investors.The shorting will continue though because it is being orchestrated by fossil fuel companies who have everything to lose from Tesla's success.They have very deep pockets.

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Tesla Explodes Higher As Company Reports Blowout EPS, Even As CapEx Disappoints Again
1 year ago

This is a typically bearish article on Tesla which we see on sites such as this and Seeking Alpha.There are many writers out there who either have a short position on Tesla which is killing them, or who are financed by fossil fuel entities because Tesla is a feared disrupter.

Tesla continues to disappoint the FUD's by put-performing from analyst's estimates.It would be a reckless investor who shorts Tesla now.

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I'll Probably Regret It, But I'm Not Buying Apple At These Prices
1 year ago

Apple is one of those shares you should to try to time.Just buy and hold for the long term, maybe a bit of profit taking here and there and buying on dips here and there.I've owned it since Steve Jobs returned in 1997 myself.

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Why Apple Should Buy Sony
1 year ago

The Q4 results show again what an attractive company Sony island the stock price just got higher for an Apple purchase of the company (which I am fairly sure won't happen!)

In this article: AAPL, SNE
Why Apple Should Buy Sony
1 year ago

Hi Kurt,

Well it's true that Sony is quite large and also a bit of a national icon for Japan.But as I think my article pointed out,it's not very high in value compared to Apple's cash reserves.

In this article: AAPL, SNE
Why Apple Should Buy Sony
1 year ago

Hi Barry,

Yes I agree some of the products would have compatibility issues, but I do not believe they are insuperable

In this article: AAPL, SNE
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