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Nenad Kerkez, also going by the stage name “tarantula”, is a multiple award winning co-founder of Elite CurrenSea. A savvy market analysis, an author of multiple trading methods and education courses, Nenad is a regular contributor to Forex Factory, FXStreet, FXEmpire,, ... more

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EUR/CHF At The Strong Support
The EUR/CHF has had a big drop but it’s at an important support zone now. Buying the support might be a good option.
AUD/USD: Weak USD Might Boost The AUD
The AUD/USD is going up as the USD weakened after the Fed meeting yesterday. Technically it’s in the zone where buyers are.
GBP/USD V-Shape Reversal In Play
The GBP/USD is in the process of a V-Shaped reversal trade
EUR/USD Moves Up If 1.1700 Holds
The EUR/USD could move up if the 1.1700 holds.
EUR/JPY Surges As Yen Weakens
EUR/JPY is trying to break out above the W L3 which became support. We could see further strength if the neckline breaks.
Gold Expected Breakout To The Upside
Currently, the gold market is ranging. However, we could expect a bullish breakout if a trendline doesn’t hold.
GBP/USD Up Move As Expected
Currently, more than 100 pips of profit have been made from the GBPUSD longs. We can see that the market is bullish.
GBP/NZD Is In Uptrend On A Daily Time Frame
The GBP/NZD is at the support. Market is making a 1-2-3 pattern as the price is supported at the M L3 level.
GBP/USD At The Critical Support
The GBP/USD is at critical support. Historical buyers are exactly in the zone 1.3565-1.3623. We should see a continuation to the upside if the price gets a bullish momentum.
Oil Bearish Continuation As Planned
My Oil trade has been more than 400-500 pips in profit as the move happened exactly as planned. I went against the big majority of long traders and it is paying off now.
Oil Is Bearish As 280 Pips Have Been Secured
Oil has formed a 1-2-3 pattern and we might see further move down. I have secured 280 pips from my entry.
GBP/USD Is Preparing For A Long
The GBP/USD is preparing for longs. We might see a breakout to the upside.
Gold Is Preparing For A Bullish Breakout
Gold is at the verge of a breakout. We should see a move up soon.
Gold SHS Pattern Should Bring The Price Lower
Gold lost its bullish momentum on Friday. We should see a drop in the price.
GBP/CHF Decision Zone Is Triggered
GBP/CHF is at the decision spot. We should see either a breakout or a break below. It will depend on the market momentum.
USD/CAD Bullish Pattern As The Pair Keeps Going Up
The USD/CAD is bullish. I have a long position at 1.2080 but the market should be going further up.
1 to 16 of 392 Posts
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