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Tesla: Learning From Experience
There are two sides to the Tesla story. The first is the stock price, and the second is the underlying business.
EC Framing The Macro Scenario For The Post-COVID-19 World
The economic framework is exhibiting some interesting indicators. Unemployment, savings rate, and consumption data seem to corroborate the thesis of a sustained recovery. A new stimulus package and a coronavirus vaccine may very well do the rest.
Is AMD A Rational Buy At The Current Price?
Advanced Micro Devices has been a star stock for the last couple of years. In the same period that the S&P 500 rose 56%, AMD put on an impressive 1251% run. Basically, AMD mixes a turnaround story with a growth narrative.
Dissecting Berkshire’s New Position In Barrick
These days, everyone is riding on the back of Berkshire’s recent Barrick position. Gold bulls see it as a victory indicating that grandpa Buffett, finally, subsided to the evidence that America is doomed, and he needs a hedge.
The First Hole In The U.S. Dollar
Creating competition to the US treasury market is the first step to destroy the invincible aura that the Fed currently holds. The current Fed strategy only works if there’s no inflation. An inflationary outburst is a game over for the printing game.
Micron: Turning The Corner, Without No One Noticing It
The company missed the COVID-19 play, even though the work-at-home relies on data usage and storage, which suited Micron.


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Sorrento: Great Time For A Capital Raise
8 months ago

The price hovered around $9 for less than a day. I doubt that they could get that price. However, I'm assuming that the capital raise will go forward (unless the market conditions aren't there).

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Notes On Friday’s Meltdown: Don’t Let It Fool You
1 year ago

Couldn't agree more. The end of the trade war should be positive for the economy, but not necessarily for the market (YTD rally already incorporates that sentiment)

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Tesla’s Secret Sauce: Startup Leadership Style
3 years ago

Hi Gary,

Like EVs or not, the truth is they Tesla has demand for them and so far it still lacks the capacity to cover all the orders.

This is a new market that is gaining traction and cannot be disregarded going forward.

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Can Business To Business (B2B) Bring 3D Systems To A Whole New Level?
4 years ago

Hi Wendell,

Excellent question! There were talks about HP and also about GE.

I am a bit divided about the chances of HP or GE acquiring 3DS. On one hand, the board seems to be committed with the company. Chuck Hull (one of the main characters in the development of the 3D tech) is still within the company and that should pend in favor of an independent path. Additionally, the new CEO has a good profile to develop 3DS' business.

However, as we saw with Nokia, hiring a CEO that has worked for the potentially predator company cannot be disregarded as a sign that an acquisition might happen.

All-in-all I say that 3DS has good chances of maintaining its independence.

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The Rumors Are Getting Stronger: Nokia Is Staging A Comeback To The Smartphone Arena
5 years ago

Thanks Rakesh!! Let us see how that plays out.

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Is Nokia Going To Connect People Again?
5 years ago

I agree with you on the cash as you can see in the article. The cash they have is not enough for a serious acquisition. But the joint venture with Sony is a realistic possibility.

Yes, a big part of the mobile staff has left, but as I say in the article, Finland has produced lots of skilled people for the mobile sector. Additionally, many former engineers would be interested in coming back to Nokia if the company started a credible project.

Possibly, a comeback would be based on Android. I agree with you on that, but it doesn't mean that it would be bad. But I see your point there.

About the N1, there were Nokia Lumia phones that sold worse, so maybe the N1 isn't that meaningless.

Finally, as you say Chinese telecom vendors are squeezing margins in the sector, Nokia has to find growth opportunities in adjacent areas.

Thanks for your comment.

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Blackberry - Lost In Communication
6 years ago

If you ask me if they are still useful, I think so. The Nokia case illustrates this, Nokia has been able to keep extracting money from patents. But capitalizing on patents made in the past is not exactly a business with a great future. I think the question is more if they can put those patents to use in order to serve a customer segment better than anyone else. Because if they do, they will start adding valuable patents again.

During the troubled times, when they still had the double CEO model, one of them suggested focusing on messaging, which was what they were doing better than anyone else. No one can know for sure, but this could have been a smarter move.

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The Euro & The Waterfall Projection – Judgment Day
6 years ago

Very good Historical interpretation. I have always defended that the German view about money supply is too simplistic to offer any meaningful guidelines for economic policies. Obviously, the Southern Europe problems need more out of the box solutions than just austerity and tight money supply...

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