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Worldwide: Common Sense Revolutions Have Started

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2017 1:45 PM EDT

Mission to Mars my not happen, but on earth today, mathematically, it can be easily proven that some one billion plus senior executive belonging to current computer age are far behind in understanding influx of AI and block chain disruption and most may get sided. Transition from Print Society to TV Society took a half century; we moved from the Telecom Society to Cyber Society in half of that. The Plugged Society with full impact will be here by 2020.

The Plug Society; for anything to do with office, the plug to universal knowledge will take care of the process, procedure and final execution. The person will be forced to think; either outsmart the system and invent or innovate something brand new. The absence of this caliber of thinking will push the person to mundane assignments. Some one billion highly educated and highly people experienced in old procedures will be searching for brand new occupations. Common sense and entrepreneurial innovative thinking will be in the highest demand.

Action: Imaging if every single thing that one has done to justify a position in an organization were to be eliminated.  Imagine a situation where only original thinking and bright new ideas defined a position and justified employment.

New Status: Thinkers with ‘knowledge plug’ and global mobility has already arrived.

To get to that point, we must nurture and cultivate deeper thinking and replace job descriptions and complex procedures with pure and deeper ‘thinking’. Think in terms of, Executive Vice President of Thinking. Prepare to witness the start of bonfires of bureaucracies as they light the sky to burn away locked in procedural thinking and light the way for unfathomable, far reaching, common sense thinking.

Question: Is it possible that this new generation of young alpha-dreamers will be the first ever generation to completely understand mankind.  This generation is born with the global knowledge from the early start to enable them to formulate well adjusted worldly consensus with globally workable solutions and deeper understanding of the world and all of its factions.  And more importantly, they are able to do this at a very young age.

FACT: During last 100 years the distinct Seven Societies, each were burdened by the slow transfer of knowledge. Now transitions between current and past or young and old are all hyper-accelerated.

Government of the people for the people and by people overtime became ‘government of the government for and by the government”.  It lost its magic, power and credibility and become bureaucratic and started fermenting into stillness and blocking growth and prosperity

Technocalamity Breakdowns;

When massive free technologies turn major establishments and institutions upside down

The governing “part” of decision making = now replaceable by the team of global age smart people under a powerful and smart national leader

The administration “part” or pure high vintage bureaucracy= now replaceable where each tall building full of administration can be replaced by a high speed super computer station

The future of the government will be small clusters of very smart commonsensical teams surrounding small clusters of super sleek computer stations. Possibly, unlimited bureaucracies filling thousands of buildings may be replaced by a dozen super power sleek date centers serving the nation or the world.

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