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The Great Unemployment Flood of 2020

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 9:41 PM EDT

Those who do not become the warriors of change will have to discover other alternatives. They might become consultants and advisors or maybe even opera singers or pet trainers. The most dynamic and critical field is the ‘extreme hobbyists’ where they can excel to new heights in their selected hobby. They will need to re-discover their true passions, what they love the most and advance their hobbies to a professional level deployed by global age commercialization and learn to live with technocalamity; where tsunami of free technologies allow new comers more commercial powers over already established mega corporations.

The corner office senior executives may become the new solo-warriors of technocalamity. They must understand all the new lingo, transformations paradigms and must be bold enough to walk out of crackling glass towers to their own custom built castles on the shores of new knowledge.

Cavemen were shown no mercy and were forced to accept the wheel

Shock Factor: Never in history has there been such a serious risk to senior professionals. The first lines of shock are the deniers. However, they will be pushed aside by the massive technocalamity. The second shock will be the emergence of totally unexpected new herds of game changers--out of the blue, this new group will capture the real moment by surprised and innovative deployment of ‘block-chain’ technology. This is what happened when the hardware and software revolution set in. The last will be the shocked masses of executives discovering brand new life styles and occupational activities. This transition can be a nice and smooth passage towards better enlightened agendas; deniers like cavemen will be shown no mercy and will be forced to accept the wheel.

Click Factor: There never was such a powerful click tool to make life easier and super efficient and super-inexpensive. Individuals and small medium size enterprise owners currently being pushed aside by slow moving procedures and bureaucracies on everything related to financial or legal transactions will find new avenues to success. Normally 5% of the paper chase takes 50% of the entrepreneur’s time seeking progress, where every delay adds new twists and new bills and frivolous charges to support ridiculous services added in an endless paper chase. The real cost efficiency shock comes when executive who were making long and twisted procedures to increase entanglement just to ensure their corner office views are challenged. The global age transformation and technocalamity will push to block chained economy and simple click solution.

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