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Age Of Abundance: A New Global Age Phenomena

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 5:53 PM EDT

We are surrounded by billions of everything; bombarded with million ideas, enticed with zillions of options constantly doubling in real time. We are in the age of abundance and drowning in all kinds of stuff.

Good or bad, never in the history of mankind have we had so much so easily available to so many around the globe; simultaneously, instantly and effortlessly. The arrival of the age of abundance is now a mainstream challenge for all creators and producers of goods and services around the world.  On one side we are witnessing the transformation from the ‘age of scarcity’ to the ‘age of abundance’ on the other we are drowning in a massive global flood of mediocrity, old style thinking and execution. The age of abundance is now a global phenomenon forcing the best of the best to come to the surface, while the rest to disappear.

Why is this so critical for the survival of any organization, any size, any where?

Firstly, it all started out with the “age of curiosity” where in the earlier days of the darker ages, whatever shined, the masses of the period gleamed and glued. Followed by the “age of scarcity” where any novel concept created by anyone created instant local or global demands and paved secure paths to massive successes. Now we are in the “age of abundance” where for every great idea there are millions of better ones. Only the very best gets a chance.

Overly duplicated concepts lost in massive copycat clutter, making the survival of the fittest measured not by being the first or the very big in the marketplace but for being absolutely unique and thoughtful all the way. Not an easy game.

Hence 99% of so called great things being offered today are barely capable of survival.

A quick study of any vertical market anywhere in the world will provide all the required proof

The world has changed, the global perception has advanced, the old business models have failed and the old style management and execution is now become a major certified burden.

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