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Arrival of the age of tolerance

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 11:21 AM EDT

Two important things: the first four societies took almost a century to unfold, while the last three took only a quarter century to unfold which means we will be landing in a brand new society by 2020. Second, the impact of this phase will be the extreme combination of all the last three societies. Our new society is a metamorphosis challenging our daily work model, something we have not experienced in the last 200 years. The change from a regimented work day to fully free flowing work and rest life styles will dramatically shift habits in lifestyle and entails major psychological adjustments.

Excerpted Source: Naseem Javed, Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000. Published, IABC Communications World, Dec. 1995, Volume 12 Isssue11, Article, ‘Chronology Charts’

Today, Age of Abundance is a useless notion:

The fact that there is too much replication of inferior ideas now overflowing and drowning us in mediocrity the age of abundance is useless notion. It’s not the abundance of news; it’s same news million of times over. The overly educated are out of sync with entrepreneurial business and global age commercial realities. The national innovation agendas are primarily lips service and made to appear timely creating photo ops while the hard core realities are buried under fake news. It’s not the annual gala award nights, but the absence of substance with a constant repeat of similar circuses that create the illusion of abundance. It is in fact the absence of real truth.

The Age of Tolerance:

Mankind on the other hand, as a call of nature, is hardwired with safety devices to slowly and instinctively evolve out of darkness and continually adjusts in order to come to its own senses and create its own survival. Ancient ruins are the witness of this and living proof.  Otherwise we would still be in caves fighting over square-wheels.

The collapsing socio-economical and political failures of the last century have pruned and matured the human brain and programmed it to appreciate tolerance as its upcoming survival strategy. This fact is clearly visible in open minded countries where millions of folks of all colors, races, gender and beliefs mingle daily and enjoy progressive living. Nations that fear this tolerance and their citizenry to remain brainwashed with fake news will have a hard time discovering the beauty of tolerance. The new global age world is far more tolerant and diverse than where it was a few decades ago. For global age friendly and openly connected and communicative nations, they see and hear this loud and clear.

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