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Arrival of the age of tolerance

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 11:21 AM EDT

Today we are in a new era of incompetency.  This is at least true on the economical development front, where lingering boredom is tabulated as innovative performance. The confusion is embedded all around, while the outcries are becoming audible as distance thunder. The deafening sound of the disgruntled citizenry creating sharp pungent stinks in the political corridors is now seen and heard around the world.

Here are five new signs to recognize the now passé of the age of abundance

The Decadence;
when originality dies, obscenity and profane layers are added to already dead ideas

The Incompetence;
when old thoughts become totally useless, but they linger in the name of tradition

The Governance;
when masses reject being blindly governed over being fairly managed

The Resonance;
when the calls of billions fall on deaf ears and silent majorities change regimes

The Tolerance;
when dogmas dominate progress and a new age of tolerance starts to appears

Understanding the Last Seven Societies: How 100 years of evolution has landed us here; during the Print Society in 1900, when the printed word was power, literacy was perquisite and only the privileged had access to knowledge.  A similar scenario occurred 120 years later and is occurring today, as the thousands of options are only open to new global age literate while the rest of the population watches as amazed spectators. Today the Block-chain and AI coding, the technocalamity and alpha-dreamers are all altering our thinking while enjoying progress. 

The Radio Society made its impact after a quarter century. It brought information freely available to the air and music to tap dance on assembly line floors. The ‘voice’ created radio-personalities with opinions and opinion leadership became noticeable. There were 5 other major societies.  TV Society brought live action dramas, and started the colorful consumerism. Telecom Society shorthanded distance and created standardization. The Computer Society created miniaturization and a sense of accuracy. The Cyber Society brought the world to the desk and started the diffusion between work and other lifestyles. We just left the Click Society, which brought the world into our pockets and seriously disrupted the traditional work model.

Today, we are in this new universal ‘Plugged Society’ and now biologically crave to stay deeply soft wired to a ‘knowledge plug’ to control our bloodstreams and our mind as a survival strategy. Today, we are the most advanced ever in the history of civilization on pragmatic knowledge and realistic understanding of mankind and humanistic needs.  There is an understanding of survival and concerns for creating grassroots prosperity, something for which the previous societies so badly failed. The elements of fierce competition and destruction mentality are being replaced by calmer collaboration and coordinating grassroots ideas. The world is finally becoming a village.

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