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Arrival of the age of tolerance

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 11:21 AM EDT

How did we arrive here, so suddenly?

When for the first time was the original idea of the ‘age of curiosity, scarcity and abundance” published?  It was right here in a syndicated column in 2005 and it was a very scarce notion. Today Age of Abundance is a useless notion; the term is widely used by dozens of big time leaders as their prime umbrellas hovering over their own crafts; while in reality, the term ‘age of abundance’ has now become a precursor to the “age of decadence” while we have started advancing towards a new “age of tolerance”.

Let’s go deeper:

During the age of curiosity; mankind struggled with its primal senses of touching, feeling and sniffing out whatever was deemed necessary for survival. This is where survival strategies created the best of the best major innovative roots that are still being deployed. Few examples of this are Electricity, Railroads, Cinema, and Aviation. Mankind innovated the most ever during this period and created breakthrough life altering solutions that are enjoyed today.

During the age of scarcity; mankind had already acquired the taste for appreciation and almost everything became a rightful and immediate need. Access and usage became the measurement of class. Mankind invented duplication, replication, and automation to spread the accessibility and commercialization of thinking. Satisfying instant need with cheaper access became the norm, and the mind started the entry into the comfort zone. Being ‘cool’ about things and being lazy in the ‘grove’ became the mantra.

During the age of abundance; the last few decades, mankind appears to be losing curious anxiety and rather has become decadent in a very sluggish posture. It is becoming oblivious to the original roots of wild creativity and is now lost in the safety of the past discoveries. True we have new innovations by the seconds; there are 100 million apps on a single Apple iPhone platform alone and a million new types of software application are daily lined up on the computer platforms. However, these are mostly extensions of prime inventions that grew from the age of curiosity.

Excerpted from Age of Abundance articles and lectures by Naseem Javed E-Commerce Times 2005 USA

Passing through the Age of Decadence:   

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