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Morpheus Trading Group (MTG) was founded in 2002 by Deron Wagner, former hedge fund manager, author of several best-selling swing trading books (see below), and frequent guest speaker at various trading and investing conferences around the world. His television appearances include CNBC, ... more

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GLD – Why Gold ETF Is Ready To Breakout To New Highs Now
SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) is one ETF to put on your radar for a potential breakout to a fresh 52-week high.
3 Proven Ways To Identify A Potential Market Bottom
With day-to-day market volatility at incredible levels, it can be quite risky to pick a market bottom. But here are 3 top technical signals to help you reliably know when stocks may be forming a significant bottom.
3 Top Trading Tips For Staying Safe In This Market Correction
With the stock market clearly in correction mode, it can be difficult for traders who have been suddenly forced to adjust–especially after several months of steadily higher prices.
3 Hot Biotech Coronavirus Stocks Breaking Out Now
A massive amount of technical damage has been done to top leading stock charts lately, eliminating most low-risk buying opportunities.
8 Hot Stocks With Massive Relative Strength As Market Plunged
The main stock market indexes got slaughtered last week, as the S&P 500 swooned 11.6% with five consecutive days of losses. Tech stocks provided no reprieve either, as the Nasdaq Composite similarly tumbled 10.6% for the week.
Market Update: Where Are Stocks Headed Next?
When stocks bounced back from their pullback lows on January 28, the move was led by a 1.6% gain in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 Index (QQQ).
2 Top Software Stocks Poised For Explosive Breakouts In 2020
With strong market conditions the past few months, traders remain focused on the long side as we enter the upcoming earnings season. Here are two top software stocks with explosive potential that have not yet broken out from their bases.
Penny Stock Risks: The Real Danger Of Pump And Dump Schemes
Investors and traders may be easily tempted by the low prices and sharp price movements of penny stocks, but don’t fall victim to the Pump and Dump scheme and other major risks of penny stock investing.
How To Score Monster Gains From Trading Breakaway Gaps
Breakaway gap-ups should always be monitored by swing and position traders for low-risk entry points because they can be quite explosive.
How Subtle Chart Patterns Can Lead To Explosive Rallies
Stock traders who focus on trading only the most obvious chart patterns are missing out on huge gains that more subtle patterns can provide.
Why “Planning The Trade & Trading The Plan” Pays Off
It’s easy to be a disciplined trader when trades are going your way. But long-term winners and losers are determined by the ability to “plan your trade and trade your plan.” This strategy enabled us to maximize profits on our recent TSLA swing trade.
Crispr Therapeutics Trade Review: How We Scored A Huge 24% Gain In Just 2 Days
We recently locked in a cool gain of +24% with a 2-day swing trade in Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP). Continue reading this educational trade walk-through to find out exactly how we did it.
How We Bought Tesla On A Pullback After Its Massive Breakout
Tesla recently zoomed 29% higher over a 3-day period, then provided a low-risk pullback entry for swing trading. Here's how we bought TSLA just in time for another round of gains.
How To Buy Top Stock & ETF Breakouts On A Pullback
The pullback should generally consist of two to three days of “lower highs” and “lower lows.” Two lower highs and lower lows along with an inside day is fine as well.
Stock Market Review For Friday, Sept. 27
A review of the stock market.
How To Identify Low Risk Buy Points In A Strong Uptrend
With the NASDAQ in a raging bull market and trading at fresh all-time highs, you may be tempted to chase the price of leading stocks in fear of missing out on the next monster gainer.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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