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A Booming Business In LNG
The U.S. is experiencing an energy boom. But don’t picture gushers of crude oil spraying skyward over the Texas flatlands. Instead, think LNG — Liquefied Natural Gas.
The Week Ahead: Double Top Or Not?
Along with the numerous articles encouraging traders and investors to sell stocks in May, there have also been several that have warned that the stock market was forming a double top. So which will it be?
7 Best Long-Term Dividend Stocks To Buy Now
While investment strategies differ with specific portfolio targets, all investors should identify a few of the best long-term dividend stocks to build the core of their investment portfolio strategy.
Five Favorite Muni Funds For Tax-Free Income
There’s an easy way to weaken Uncle Sam’s grip on from your income stream; I’m talking about municipal bonds, or bonds issued by states, cities and counties to finance roads, bridges and other projects.
Fuzzy Math & The Markets
The surge in the Volatility Index (VIX) last week favors more side swings in the week ahead. The completion of the potential base formation in the VIX would also favor a downward bias in the market.
A Look At Junior Minors
Any attempt by gold to climb well into the $1,300s has been repeatedly cut short, with the price being driven back three times, often for no other apparent reason save market manipulation.


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