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America’s Recline and Flail Goes On

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2020 6:00 AM EDT

This trend will be further intensified by the current depression, which most economists won’t acknowledge is already in full swing. Bitterness and contempt for wealthy insiders is much higher than it was during prior business cycles. Without question, this bitterness and contempt will increase to a fever pitch as the nirvana of stimulus is revealed to be a hallucination.

Discontent throughout the broad population will take a financial crash and an economic collapse, and transform it into a complete societal breakdown.  Then the central government will fail the test of its making.

Rather than employing small government and sound money solutions, the discord will provide Washington the perfect cover for a much larger central authority. Harris will offer promises to fix things while delivering a much wider range of wealth inequality.

Big government will grow bigger. At the same time, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discontent will simmer over into mass movements, often with little clarity of purpose or tangible objective. Millennials, many having progressive socialist leanings, will demand big government solutions to problems of big government making.

Yet life goes on. America’s recline and flail goes on. The currency debasement policies that prop up big government and zombie corporations – what is being called the reflation trade – is bullish for stocks, for now. In practice, these policies are turning the dollar – the dollars you own – into birdcage liner.

No. Harris doesn’t stand a chance. Neither does Trump. Nor Biden. Nor Obama.  Nor any other politician that steps into this mess.

We don’t like it. But we can’t deny it. Nor can we resist it…

There’s no stopping nature. America’s recline and flail must run its course.

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Flat Broke 8 months ago Member's comment

Mitch McConnell has had plenty of time to pass on a new stimulus bill, but he has failed to do so. And Americans have suffered as a result.