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Retail Sales Surge 1.6% Wiping Out Dec And Feb Losses But Bond Yields Drop
This was a strong report. Yet, the report is not consistent with yesterday's Beige Book report. Nor is it consistent with Tuesday's report that Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines.
Beige Book Drivel: Slight To Moderate Growth
The Fed's "Beige Book" is a compilation of economic activity by each of twelve Federal Reserve districts.
Wholesale Inventories Rise Slightly Following Big Jumps In December And January
This morning, the Census Bureau released Wholesales Inventory and Sales Numbers for February.
U-Turn In Trucking: Cass Truck Shipment Index Down 4th Consecutive Month
The Cass Freight Index, a measure of truck shipments is down for the fourth consecutive month year-over-year.
Banks Raise Loan Loss Provisions: BofA Sees No Recession But Is Prepared For One
Interest rates have gone up for those seeking loans. Bank profits are up because interest rates have not gone up as much for depositors.
Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines
The Federal Reserve Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization report was far weaker than expected this month.
Trump Asks China To Shift Soybean Tariffs To Something Else
As part of a trade deal, the US and China will both keep $50 billion in tariffs. Trump asked China to shift tariffs.
Despite Record Bull Market, Pension Plans In Miserable Shape: Illinois The Worst
The amount owed to retirees accelerated faster than assets on hand despite a record bull market.
Japan's Population In Record Decline: Startling Projections
Japan's native population declined by 430,000 people in 2018, a record 0.21%.
Einhorn Says Tesla Once Again "On Brink Of Failure"
Tesla Inc.’s “wheels are falling off,” sometimes literally, and the Silicon Valley car maker appears to “again be on the brink” of failure, David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital told investors Friday.
Lacy Hunt Blasts MMT And Speaks Of Hyperinflation If Implemented
Hunt says interest rates are 50 basis points too high. In relation to the Fed's mandate, I believe Hunt is correct.
Import And Export Prices Surge On Rising Energy Prices
The BLS Import and Export Price monitor shows a month-over-month surge in import prices of 0.6% and export prices of 0.7%.
Tariff Man Sets Sights On Airbus, German Cars, EU In General
Trump is fuming over Airbus subsidies as if the US does not subsidize Boeing. Further trade wars loom.
PPI Jumps 0.6% In March: Goods Up 1.0%, Services Up 0.3%
The PPI rose 0.6% with 60% of the rise due to a 1.% rise in goods, and most of that energy related.
No Hikes, No Recessions: Minutes Of The FOMC Meeting March 19-20
FOMC minutes show greater risks to the U.S. economy from the global growth slowdown and muted inflation readings.
CPI Jumps 0.41% In March: Gasoline, Up 6.5%, Core CPI Up 0.15%
The CPI jumped 0.4% in March but core CPI, excluding food and energy only rose 0.1%.
1 to 16 of 3260 Posts
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