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Trump Sues Georgia Sec of State Over Leaked Phone Call

Date: Monday, January 4, 2021 9:12 PM EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, Cleta, how do you respond to that? .... I mean, you tell me. we’re so far ahead of these numbers, even the phony ballots of Ruby Freeman – known scammer. You know the internet? You know what was trending on the internet? “Where’s Ruby,” because they thought she would be in jail. “Where’s Ruby.” It’s crazy. It’s crazy. That was – the minimum number is 18,000 for Ruby, but they think it’s probably about 56,000. But the minimum number is 18,000 on the Ruby Freeman night where she ran back in there when everybody was gone and stuffed – she stuffed the ballot boxes. Let’s face it, Brad. I mean, they did it in slow-motion replay magnified, right? She stuffed the ballot boxes. They were stuffed like nobody’s ever seen them stuffed before. ...And by the way, that one event – that one event is much more than the 11,000 votes that we’re talking about. It’s – you know, that one event was a disaster. It just – you know, but it was – it was something that – it can’t be disputed. And again, we have a version that you haven’t seen, but it’s magnified.

MR. RAFFENSPERGER: You’re talking about the State Farm video. And I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. So the next day we brought in WSB-TV and we let them show – see the full run of tape. I mean, what you’ll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected by, you know –

PRESIDENT TRUMP: But where were the poll watchers, Brad? There were no poll watchers there. There were no Democrats or Republicans. There was no security there. It was late in the evening or late in the – early in the morning, and there was nobody else in the room. Where were the poll watchers? .... And, you know, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but that was – and, Brad, why did they put the votes in three times? You know, they put them in three times.

MR. RAFFENSPERGER: Mr. President, they did not put that – we did an audit of that, and we’ve proved conclusively that they were not scanned three times.

MR. GERMANY: We had our – this is Ryan Germany. We had our law enforcement officers talk to everyone who was – who was there after that event came to light. They GBI was with them, as well as FBI agents.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, there’s no way they could – then they’re incompetent. They’re either dishonest or incompetent, OK? There’s only two answers: dishonesty or incompetence.

MR. GERMANY: We’ve been going through each of those as well. And those numbers that we got, that Ms. Mitchell was just saying, they’re not accurate. Everyone we’ve been through are people that lived in Georgia, moved to a different state, but then moved back to Georgia legitimately. And in – and in many cases – (inaudible 38:45) – so far.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Really? How many people do that? You mean they moved out and then they said, ah, all the hell with it, I’ll move back in? You know, it doesn’t sound like a very normal – like you mean they moved out, and, what, they missed it so much that they wanted to move back in? You know, it’s like – (laughs) – it’s crazy.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And what about – what about the – what about the ballots, the shredding of the ballots? Have they been shredding ballots?


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