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Michael Lombardi founded investor research firm Lombardi Publishing Corporation in 1986. Michael is also the founder of the popular daily e-letter, Lombardi Letter, where readers get the benefit of Michael’s years of experience with the stock market, real estate, economic ... more


3 Leading Indicators Say Troubles Ahead For U.S. Economy
On the surface, everything looks great in the U.S. economy. But don’t just look at the surface; pay attention to the details. There are problems brewing, and the U.S. economy could face headwinds.
Silver Prices: Gray Metal Could Be A Better Opportunity Than Gold
Silver prices trade at $14.45 an ounce. Year-to-date, the gray precious metal prices have declined more than 15%. From its highs in 2011, silver is down about 70%.
Fed Raising Rates Foretelling The Next Major Financial Crisis
This may sound like a slightly over the top idea for some, but its important that investors pay attention: there could be major financial crisis looming. This time around, it could be worse than the last one.
Oil Prices: It Could Get Very Ugly For Oil Investors In 2018
Investors beware: oil prices could be tumbling in 2018, and there could be major losses ahead.
The Key Market Indicator To Watch To Predict A Stock Market Collapse In 2018
Rising yields have prompted many market analysts, hedge fund managers, and big investors to pay attention to the bond market.
Gold Prices Outlook 2018: Precious Metal Demand Coming From Uncanny Places
Gold prices haven’t really shined so far in 2018, but don’t let it discourage you. As bold as this may sound, the yellow precious metal could have a great year this year, and gold investors could be rewarded immensely.




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