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Matthew is a portfolio manager (US Equities and FX) at Faraday Research where he is responsible for the production and management of US Real Time Trader (large-cap US Equities) and US FX Daily (G10 currency pairs) products. Subscribers include some of the world's leading brokerages and ... more


S&P 500 Breaks Bearish Wedge, Traders Monitoring Earnings And Shutdown Shenanigans
Traders are aggressively selling US equities, with major indices unwinding the gains from Friday’s trade-optimism-induced rally.
Brexit: May Unveils Plan B, Market Shrugs
The pound remains in the middle of its recent ranges, with traders now turning their attention to the reaction from MPs and the EU ahead of another vote next week.
Brexit: Betting Markets See Near Coin-Flip Odds Of A Second Referendum, “Plan B” On Tap
Much like a rollercoaster ride, this week’s Brexit developments have been full of twists and turns…but have ultimately taken us right back to where we started the week.
Two Key Ways The Dollar Drives US Stock Market Performance
A strong dollar tends to boost the performance of domestic stocks at the expense of a foreign rival, as well as the performance of importers at the expense of exporters.
EUR/USD At The Mercy Of Brexit And Shutdown Headlines
The US government shutdown is dragging on into its 26th day with no end in sight, but the market impact has been limited so far.
AUD/JPY: The FX-Stock Market Correlation Play
One of the first things that new traders to the FX markets learn is that many currencies are correlated with other markets.


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Matt Weller
RT FOREXcom: Two Key Ways the #Dollar Drives US Stock Market Performance - more
Matt Weller
S&P 500 Breaks Bearish Wedge, Traders Monitoring Earnings and Shutdown Shenanigans - https://t.co/6C2u2JSMKV https://t.co/6C2u2JSMKV #SPX https://t.co/45CPuXDTak less
Matt Weller
RT FOREXcom: #GBPUSD: UK data improves but Brexit uncertainty carries on more
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Work Experience

Senior Market Analyst
FaraDay Research
May 2016 - Present (2 years 9 months)

Responsible for the production and management of US Real Time Trader and US FX Daily products. Subscribers include some of the world's leading brokerages and traders.
- Identify short-term trading opportunities in individual stocks, ETFs, and forex markets using fundamental and technical analysis
- Produce market commentary for Faraday clients, Faraday sales team, and media
- Create marketing material, including weekly stock sector and forex market reports

Gain Capital
Senior Market Analyst
October 2013 - March 2016 (2 years 6 months)

- Produce regular market analysis and strategy reports for clients and media on FOREX.com
- Coordinate and contribute to longer-form weekly and quarterly research reports
- Provide instant market analysis and coverage of news events on social media
- Give live presentations on trading at trade shows and seminars

Global Forex Trading
Technical Analyst
August 2011 - October 2013 (2 years 3 months)

- Write short-term trade recommendation articles for FX360.com (now FOREX.com) focusing on forex, indices, and commodities
- Conduct daily client trading webinars on various financial products
- Give live presentations on trading strategies and psychology at global trade shows 
- Represent my department on various internal committees and product development teams


Grand Valley State University
Finance and Accounting