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Stocks Plunge As Virus Fears Grow
Markets are down heavily across the board this morning as investors seek safety due to a rise in coronavirus cases outside of China.
So Long & Thanks For All The Fish
This morning, US trade secretary Larry Kudlow is doing his best to sell the market on the story that the phase one trade deal is coming along well and it looks like it’s working.
The Nasty R Word
Following on the heels of Great Britain, Germany produced some slightly reassuring data this morning showing 0.1% growth in their economy thus narrowly avoiding an official recession.
Global Macro Strategist
Last night the Forex market was served with a cold surprise as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand refused to cut interest rates.
The Great Repeal Of China
It’s been nearly eight months since the Bitwise report proved more than 95% of volumes in the crypto industry are fake. Since then, there has been little progress to fight back against this exorbitant amount of wash trading.
EC Feels Like The First Time
A new milestone has been reached for the global economy. Is it the new all-time high in the US stock indices? Or the new all-time high in the US national debt?
Losing A Day
With the US stock markets near all-time highs, unemployment near all-time lows, and inflation more or less stable it’s difficult to see why the Fed would need to be cutting rates so rapidly.
Will Bakkt Beat Libra To The Punch?
Stocks have become a bit boring of late. A few indices are toying with their all-time highest levels but volumes are pretty light right now.
Back To Life
After an extended period of low volumes and dismal sentiment, in a sudden instant, last Friday the crypto asset class has snapped back to life.
Trading In Harmony
Uncertainty surrounding Brexit has never really gone away but at this point, it seems stronger than ever. One thing that seems more certain than just two weeks ago, is the possibility of a hard Brexit or watching the UK “crash out” of the Eurozone.
Crypto On The Hill
What began as an innocent one-time cash injection to keep markets from drying up now has the US financial system falling right back into old habits. Markets have a nasty addiction to free money and it seems the Fed is only too happy to supply it.
Into The Deep End
The prolonged low volume consolidation period has claimed her first victim and it’s a big one.
Where You Goin’ Bitcoin?
Due to the pseudo-anonymous nature of Bitcoin, it’s very difficult to say exactly how people are using Bitcoin most.
Who Writes, Stays
Bitcoin does seem to be forming some solid support on the chart just above $7,500 per coin.
Bad Crypto
Ever since the launch of Bakkt’s new futures contracts, it seems like the party has left the crypto markets. I’m still not quite sure where it’s gone to yet but I can say that at least for the time being crypto volumes are flatlining.
EC Strange Days
One of the oddest harbingers in our current global economy is the staggering amount of negative-yielding debt - approximately $17 trillion worth of value..
1 to 16 of 332 Posts
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