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Aggressive Growth Stocks For Thanksgiving
8 years ago

LOL - sorry, no, it was author's typo for Dean Foods; we fixed but you were very quick to catch it!

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Ambarella (AMBA) Misses On Earnings, Beats On Revenue
8 years ago

There has been some confusion on Twitter as to why what Zacks calls a miss, others called a beat. Zacks responses:

ZacksResearch: We have our own earnings estimates that don't always reflect the Street. www.zacks.com/stock/quote/AMBA/detailed-estimates

ZacksResearch: We take out stock option expenses which is why our numbers are lower.

ZacksResearch: They missed earnings when you include stock option expenses. It's another way to look at it.

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Gartman Nails It Again
9 years ago

ESH5 is the E-Mini S&P500 Futures for March 2015. Dennis Gartman puts out the daily Gartman Letter which a lot of people follow. ZeroHedge is pointing out that Gartman changed his position, and Tim Knight is showing where on the chart that happened. And yes, given the direction the chart took after, there may be a certain eye-wink in the headline.

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How To Build A "Lifetime" Portfolio - Step 1
9 years ago

You can see the chart at the author's site, www.stanfordwealth.com/wealth-management.html.

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Second Largest One-Year Rally In 35 Years, Opportunity At Hand
9 years ago

This from Chris Kimble: The answer to the quiz is an updated inverted chart on Crude Oil

From a seasonal, sentiment and pattern perspective the attached 3-pack on Gasoline reflects a unique set up is at hand.

We will be keeping Premium and Sector members abreast in these areas in the coming weeks...and likely the coming year

Median Household Income Growth: Deflating The American Dream
9 years ago
My first full time job, in 1972, paid $8000; my husband and I made $15,000 between us; and we were able to buy a house in Greenwich, CT for $55,000. So while I agree, Doug, that I felt considerably less flush then than $200K would make me feel today, we were pretty comfortable in retrospect!
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