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Gold Foiled In Its Fourth Foray For 1700
For the fourth substantive occurrence in the past five weeks, Gold made material changes (illusions) --indeed both up and down -- only to fail as it has time and again in nearing the same price (truth) round number of 1700.
Gold Sellers Neatly Sponged; Trump Rally Nearly Expunged
Gold has dropped -14.9% while Silver has shed -33.9%. By same time frame, the yellow metal's largest percentage drop since the 10-day trading period ending July 1, 2013, and for the white metal its worst 10-day plunge since that ending May 2011.
"Why Gold Got Sold"
The truth is: for the Gold Bull, 1529 today is far better than was 1310 a year back. So get up and blow off some of that angst with your happy dance! (Yeah, 'tis not that easy).
Gold - Same Pop, Same Top
Gold just settled out this past week on Friday at 1674, and in so doing en route gave us the same pop and the same top where price had just gone in the week prior.
Gold's Target Reached; Then Safe-Haven Breached
The year's targeted forecast price for Gold of 1675 was reached this past Monday, Feb. 24; (as was 1691). Then gold's safe-haven status was breached, even in the face of the coronavirus' harrowing screech. What the hell happened?
Gold Nears Our High Forecast For The Entire Year
Gold just two weeks ago posted its worst net weekly loss (-1.2%) in three months; then this past week, Gold garnered its best net weekly gain (+3.7%) in six months. So once again we beg the question: "Is this IT?"


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Gold Docks In Its Box
2 years ago

Thanks so much, Lorimer, for reading my piece. With respect to the fine analyses of all these prudent Gold reviewers, at some point, something will give. Let us hope the catalyst shan't be catastrophic, but rather the reality of valuation, led by the sovereigns and wealth funds taking advantage of a stock market double what it ought be and the Gold price half what it ought be. Best to you.

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