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Gold Southbound, Box-Bound
Gold this past abbreviated trading week dropped to a fresh low (1273) for the year. Price settled Thursday at 1278. It's Gold's first weekly closure back inside The Box since December 21.
Gold Again Snowed
Gold -- despite six trillion Dollars having "fallen" via currency debasement over the last nine years -- finds itself today at the same price it first touched back on 22 September 22, 2010, having settled out the week on Friday at 1294.
Gold's Down Trend Continues; Except That Price Isn't Going Down
It's a no-brainer that "trend" is based on the past while "price" is based on the now. Either way, a glance at Gold's price track year-to-date shows us it's all fairly flat throughout.
Gold's Stumbles To Complete Q1; The Econ Baro Comes Undone
Gold saw a 1.2% loss for the week. But wait, it's worse: for as contract volume rolled from April into June, Gold garnered six fat points of premium. Thus Gold's loss for the week was honestly 1.7%, the fifth worst weekly wallop year-over-year.
Gold's Short-Lived Short Trend
For these three most recent weeks, Gold has consecutively recorded higher lows, higher highs and higher settles. Why? Because Gold is being bargain-bought within the stance of what is looking to this point as a short-lived Short trend.
Gold Still Getting A Bid; But Stocks Blowing Their Lid
The price of Gold got sufficiently bid this past week such as to finish back (barely) in the 1300s as a weekly close for the first time since February 22, settling Friday at 1302. Reluctance to seriously sell continues.


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Gold Docks In Its Box
1 year ago

Thanks so much, Lorimer, for reading my piece. With respect to the fine analyses of all these prudent Gold reviewers, at some point, something will give. Let us hope the catalyst shan't be catastrophic, but rather the reality of valuation, led by the sovereigns and wealth funds taking advantage of a stock market double what it ought be and the Gold price half what it ought be. Best to you.

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