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Marc Liu is currently the CEO of Capitol Isle Partners LLC a media consulting business focusing on corporate restructuring and new business development. He is a partner in Information Central, a newsletter content provider and web marketing company. He also serves as a Senior Advisor to Goldmark ... more


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Bot A Small Position In FIT Based On Citron's New Report
Citron says FIT is worth $15 a share
MIC Management Company Continues To Buy
MIC management company continues to buy more shares
MIC's Management Company Expands Their Share Purchase Program
The management company just bought another 155,409 shares at $40.50 in the last 2 day. They just filed a 13D showing they now own 8,449,289 shares or 9.9% of MIC.
Did A Buy=write In NSH At Current Prices
Added to my NSH position.
Just Initiated A Small Position In NSH At $11.95
I've been watching NSH for quite some time and just missed hitting it at $11.35. So I took a shot at $11.95 hoping it will fall back post dividend on 5/7/2018. NSH is the one top buy - not NS.
Just Bought Initial Small Position In MYND At $2.10
I like the idea of Wi-Fi therapy and think there will be much more to follow. Thi is a toe in the water to keep track of things. Also - most of the insiders paid much higher prices for their stock (between $3 and $6 - before this last capital raise).
JNCE Buy - Write Candidate? High Potential Lower Risk ----- 15% 3 Month Yield If Stock Goes Nowhere.
The call options have substantial premiums leaving yield opportunities for those who like the common but want to take less risk.
JNCE - Position Established At $25
Waited for fall back in price - then we bought
Watch MYOK Today - Positive Clinical News - Also They Have File A Shelf Registration To Sell Stock
MYOK has a history of doing stock offerings when the price runs up on good news. To get extra flexibility, they file a shelf offering so they can issue the stock at a "to be determined price." This allows them to take advantage of the price run up without killing the momentum Stay tuned..
JNCE - Major Call Buying "way" Out Of The Money - Buy On Pull Back - Plus $250 Million Shelf Offering Announced
Before their earnings announcement yesterday JNCE was trading at $22. Substantial buying has surfaced in the June 15 expiry at the $30 and $35 strikes. JNCE spiked to $28.50 up 30% and then settled back to close.
MIC - Open Market Share Purchases - Legitimizes Values At These Levels - MIC Is A Buy At This Price
Macquarie Infrastructure Management (USA) Inc. (MIMUSA), a subsidiary of Macquarie Group Limited and the Manager of Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (MIC), has notified MIC that it intends to acquire additional MIC shares via open market purchases.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts